Monday, May 04, 2015

Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: The GOP Proposal to Interview Potential Candidates

One of the stupidest ideas to ever come forth in Utah politics?

In the interest of kickstarting a morning WCF discussion, we'll shine the spotlight on a new Utah Policy/KSL News survey, presented by Utah Policy's Bryan Schott. Here's the lead, O Gentle Ones:
Utah Republican leaders are toying with a proposal to form a committe to interview candidates who decide to use the new signature method to get on the ballot. The idea is to make sure they agree with the Republican platform. Our "Political Insiders" and readers think the plan is one of the dumbest things they've ever heard in Utah politics.
77% of the Republicans on our panel along with 74% of Democrats and 57% of our readers say the committee is is "one of the stupidest ideas to ever come forth in Utah politics."
Additionally, 85% of the Republicans in our survey disagree with the plan to interview candidates as do 91% of Democrats and 84% of our readers.
Check out the full article, for a full complement of charts and graphs, along with a sampling of select Utah Policy surveyee quotes:
So what about it folks? Is Utah GOP Chairman Evans's plan to "form a committe to interview candidates who decide to use the new signature method to get on the ballot" the dumbest idea ever?


blackrulon said...

Why not have to pass a test and quiz to see if people are worthy to sign a nominating petition?

Johnny B. said...

It's pretty dumb, but the dumbest ever is moving the prison.

Johnny B. said...

Or buying a gun range for Weber County.

Johnny B. said...

Or filing a lawsuit against themselves.

RM said...

It's just an extension of not trusting the voters to blindly follow what daddy says.

Ozboy said...

Having supported the GOP for forty years, I have been very disappointed in the direction the party has taken over the last fifteen or so. First came the neo-cons - Cheney, Bush II, Wolfowitz etal - with their deadly and fruitless mid east wars, then the tin hatters with their idiotic ideas about walking the country back a few hundred years. Between the two groups they have pretty much gutted anything good and sensible out of the party.
So I actually am rather enjoying the public disintegration the GOP is going through as it will need to be completely destroyed before it can rebuild into the Grand Old Party of yore. (sorta like a junky needing to hit bottom before they can climb back to sobriety) Even in Utah I believe the sane, but conservative, folks outnumber the loud right wing fringe. The "silent majority" as Nixon called them. I believe that at some point they will awaken from the dark and "R" induced slumber and start voting these clowns out of office. Some of my more cynical friends agree but claim that it will only happen the day after the Church President abdicates and marries a black hooker from Vegas.

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