Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Standard-Examiner: Ogden's Mayoral Race Heats Up With New Contender

Reached Tuesday by phone, Mayor Caldwell said he welcomes the competition

Sebasian Benitez, Mayoral Challenger
As our 2015 Ogden City municipal election cycle enters the mid-point of its first week, we'll highlight this morning's Cathy McKitrick story, providing an informative thumbnail profile of Sebastian Benitez, who's challenging incumbent Mike Caldwell, for the Ogden City Mayoral seat:  Here's Ms. McKitrick's lede:
OGDEN — A contender has come forward to challenge Mayor Mike Caldwell, a popular incumbent who is seeking a second term this November.
While Caldwell has managed to advance the city with such an even-handed consistency and forward-looking vision that most offer up praise rather than criticism, this political newcomer said he can offer a whole new perspective.
Sebastian Benitez, a 52-year-old immigrant from Paraguay who speaks five languages and owns his own business, said he respects and admires Caldwell but after significant prayer felt compelled to join the race.
“I want to give Ogden residents a different option,” Benitez said Monday evening.
Read up, Peeps:
There's more...
Reached Tuesday by phone, Caldwell said he welcomes the competition. “I look forward to the dialogue and debate. Its always healthier when you have a free exchange of ideas,” Caldwell said, adding that he “celebrates anyone who is willing to engage in the public process.”
Even though he's playing the Mormon card, Mr. Benitez has his work cut out for him, wethinks.

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