Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Funnies: John "Pureheart" Patterson Update: Casper City Manager Announces Retirement

Keep your eyes peeled, Utah lumpencitizens - John "Pureheart Patterson" will soon be arriving in a Utah community near you

John "Pureheart" Patterson
Returning to Utah Very Soon
As every Weber County Forum reader knows, we're always interested in following up on the exploits of Ogden City officials, who've left Ogden City government, and moved on to "greener pastures. " Take the case of former Ogden City's former Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) ,John "Pureheart" Patterson, for instance:
And now, following up this disheartening 4/8/15 Casper (Wyo) Tribune news story, we now discover this, from one of our all-time "favorite" online news websites, namely "Oil City - Casper's Community Newstream":
Here's the good news: After four years, it seems that the steadfast citizens of Casper,Wyoming have finally gotten rid of former Ogden City Mayor Boss Godfrey's "right hand man."

And the bad news?
After his last day with the city, Patterson plans on moving back to where the grandkids are or where everyone vacations, the home base of Utah.
In a couple years, he may run for public office, returning to public service, but no official plans have been announced, these are all ideas he is kicking around, he said, [Emphasis added].
Keep your eyes peeled,Utah lumpencitizens.

John "Pureheart" Patterson" will soon be arriving in a Utah community near you... with future political aspirations.

Comments anyone? Ferris?

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