Friday, June 12, 2015

Standard-Examiner: Our View: Utah Needs Medicaid Expansion

We're hoping our Weber County legislative delegation has "their ears on"
Utah needs Medicaid expansion. We have it in our grasp but our pols won’t accept it. Instead, the Utah House offers the misnamed Utah Cares, a bare-bones “reform” that leaves far too many vulnerable Utahns without health insurance security; it’s also more costly than Healthy Utah.
Standard-Examiner Editorial
Our View: Utah needs Medicaid expansion

It’s a no-brainer that if we have the means, we should provide those in need with health care insurance. We have the money to provide more of Utahns health insurance. Yet so toxic is the term ”Obamacare“ that our Utah House can’t even support Healthy Utah, a Medicaid expansion plan crafted after negotiations between our governor and the White House.

What's a good, sound  cure for a s-l-o-o-w Ogden City news week? A spot-on Standard-Examiner edtorial, that's what.

Read the full SE editorial here:
Added bonus: this morning's accompanying cartoon is well worth the pr1ce of admission:

Nice work, Standard-Examiner editorial board!

We're hoping out Weber County legislative delegation has "their ears on."

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