Friday, June 05, 2015

Utah Political Capitol: American Lands Council: Accusations Against Ivory “Slanderous”

Pull up your Barcaloungers and pop up some Orville Redenbachers', folks.  This emerging "cat fight" will certainly be entertaining to watch

Following up on yesterday's Weber County Forum article, which slices and dices recent developments in the fast-developing American Lands Council (ALC) federal land-grab story, Utah Political Capitol reports this morning that the ALC has lashed back against recent allegations that its president, Representative Ken Ivory, has been engaged in unethical activities.

 Here's the lede:
On Monday, Republican Representative Ken Ivory (West Jordan) came under fire from the Campaign for Accountability (CFA), which accused Ivory, as the President of the American Lands Council (ALC), of being a “snake oil salesman” who was “engaging in an illegal scheme to defraud local government officials out of taxpayer funds.”
On Wednesday, the ALC’s Board of Directors formally responded.
“This week a slanderous attack was levied against ALC President Ken Ivory by a mysterious new group seeking to derail our mission of transferring federal public lands to willing states,” ALC wrote in a press release, adding that the allegation are “an orchestrated publicity stunt, the group filed consumer complaints alleging that ALC’s efforts to discuss with and educate the public about state control of public land is somehow, ‘fraudulent’,”
Here's the full story, folks. Watch the embedded video, too:
Surprise of surprises, Rep. Ivory and his ALC meal-ticket nonprofit have launched a "bullying" attack, even whilst accusing its accuser, Campaign for Accountability of "bullying."

Interesting sidenote: Within the above linked UPC story, author Curtis Haring mentions ALC's assertion that "BYU has a full law review article, 85 pages, hundreds of footnotes, that the federal government has a compact based duty to dispose of the land; they completely ignore that the Federalist Society, 40,000 scholars, professors, law students, have a complete legal analysis; they ignore that [eastern states] engaged in the same political debate and compelled Congress to transfer the lands to the states."

Here's a link to professor Kochen's BYU Law Review article, upon which Mr. Ivory's ALC apparently hangs it hat:
What Ivory's  ALC fails to mention... Professor Kochen's above-linked Federal Society "scholarship" (so-called) has been fastidiously, intricately and thoroughly debunked by actual legal scholars:
Remember, folks, truth is always a complete defense to a defamation action.

Moreover, Campaign for Accountability's complaints to public prosecutors are no doubt privileged, too:
Pull up your Barcaloungers and pop up some Orville Redenbachers', folks. This emerging "cat fight" will certainly be entertaining to watch.

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