Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Utah Policy: Legislature Approves Wasting $2 Million for Public Lands Effort

Utah: The "best-managed state?"

Despite recent withering public relations setbacks,it seems that Utah House Rep Ivory's  crackpot quixotic land grab scheme is still gaining traction within the Utah Legislature, Peeps: Here's the lede, via Utah Policy's eye-opening morning story:
The Utah Legislature will hire three of the most respected and expensive local lobbyists to work on public land issues, but oddly enough the three won’t be able actually to lobby – since it is illegal under Utah law for the state to use taxpayer dollars to lobby.
Doug Foxley and Frank Pignanelli are well-known on Utah's Capitol Hill. They, along with former Utah Democratic senator Blaze Wharton, are part of the Davillier Law Group, a specially-grouped New Orleans legal/public relations team soon to be on an up to $2 million contract accepted Tuesday by the state Stewardship of Public Lands Commission.
Later in the day, (surprise of surprises) the Legislative Management Committee also approved the new contract. [Links added.]
That's right, people; the Utah State legislature is aboout to devote Two Million Taxpayer Bucks to this "fool's errand."

Read the full story, WCF Readers:
Utah: The "best well managed state?"


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