Monday, June 30, 2008

Alternate Reality Department: Buy FLDS Fashions on the Web

Warren Jeffs' pod people cash in on their 15 minutes of fame

From this morning's Salt Lake Tribune:

A new clothing brand may be born out of the Texas raid on a polygamous sect.
FLDS women for the first time are offering their handmade, distinctive style of children's clothes to the public through the Web site
Launched initially to provide Texas authorities with clothing for FLDS children in custody, the online store now is aimed at helping their mothers earn a living.
The venture, which has already drawn queries from throughout the U.S., is banking on interest in modest clothes, curiosity and charity to be a success.
Check the link below for the latest in geeky duds. Your kids will be glad you did.

And a gentle reminder... there's an important holiday coming up in just four short months. Imagine parading your brood around Emerald City on Halloween night, dressed in the distinctive garb of the kids from YFZ Ranch.

That'll definitely set the tongues waggin' down at the neighborhood ward house.


Moroni McConkie said...

Is it any weirder to live willingly as a YFZ cultist than to cast one's ballot willingly for Matt Godfrey?

bummed said...

The costume's not complete without the "do", and I see the website isn't selling the necessary wigs.

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