Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Open Thread; But First an Amusing Video

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

(Pretty funny, HUH? If you're anything like us... it only hurts when you "laugh.")

Moving on...

It's been quite a while since we offered up an open topic thread, providing our readers carte blanche to discuss whatever they dang well want. We've spent hours this morning scouring our usual news sources for even a hint of red meat; and this morning we've essentially come up dry... except for the above.

We'll thus leave it to our gentle readers.

What's on your minds this morning?

Last one out, please turn out the lights.


Kevin said...

Now we know!

Keisha said...

As if we had any doubt at all.

danny said...

People worry about running out of oil.

They forget that in addition to mining much of our water, we also essentially mine much of our food, in the form of essential plant nutrients. In that sense, food is also a non-renewable resourse.

So Bush, with his ethanol policy is turning mined fertilizer, mined natural gas, and mined water into a fuel (ethanol) that can only compete with huge goverment subsidies. This, they call, "renewable energy."


Either way, when the potash and phosphorous are gone, they're gone.

Got food?

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Southsider said...

Governor Huntsman announced last night that the State Government will switch to a 4-10 work schedule in July (except schools and police, firefighters, etc.) Essentially the government will be closed on Fridays. He expects huge energy savings. I can sort of see that from the commuting standpoint, but office heating/cooling will still need to be done for 40 hours a week, whether it’s 4-10 or 5-8. Right?

I tried 4-10 several years ago, and found that 9 hours was fine, but productivity really dropped in that 10th hour. And the other problem I had was the shorter evening: it seemed there just wasn’t enough time to do anything significant, so I tended to sit in front of the TV watching stuff I wasn’t really interested in.

What do others think?

Ken Lee said...

This video's pretty good too, Rudy. I think hard working lobbyists like Robert Jolley are getting screwed.

googleboy said...

Daily Herald: Study finds four-day work week optimal

Wade said...

I personally like the idea of the 4day work week. Although I have not yet had the joy to experience the benefits.

I could see this being good for the economy as well as the environment. A 3 day weekend supports the possibility of a short vacation. This will also gives people an extra day to find a way to spend their money. Since this is obviously the problem in our society today, hence Bush's stimulas checks.

In environmental terms it would be good to have people not commute for a day.

But it would be even better if people would move to the cities that they work in. Then they wouldn't have to commute any days of the week. But perhaps that would make way too much sense.

Cars are Coffins

Wade said...

Also kudos to the folks who put on the Ogden Arts festival today. I rather enjoyed my day downtown.

Cheers to Ogden!!!

the lovely jennifer said...

Wade - it would be nice to be able to find suitable work where I choose to live (Ogden). LLM keeps promising more jobs, but in what industry? hmmm?

Hi Tech?
Service & Hospitality?
Clean up after his rich slob buddies?
Run rides for pennies, that people (who don't live here) pay Big Bucks for?


Bubbles said...

Sweet! A four day weekend gives all those government employees extra time to drive their gas guzzling, SUV's and Motor homes off for a weekend of fun. Time to get out the toys! Boats, motorcycles, snowmachines,and ATV's!

I can really see how this is environmentally friendly. I am definately more friendly after I have trashed our environment over a three day weekend.

sam said...

So... I think the four day work week is a bad Idea. Especially if they keep their liflong tradition of taking an extra day off of work when a holiday lands on a weekend... Used to be if a holiday landed on a saturday you take friday off. If it lands on a sunday, you take monday off.

My biggest concern is if they are taking 4 day weekends for holiday's now (10 hours of holiday pay that we the tax payer are paying them) we are going to be further inconveniences with having to wait to do our business with them.

Despite these criticisms I am excited that I don't have to take any time off of work and make arrangements in my schedule in order to work around their schedules to do things like DL and registration renewl.

Speed Racer said...

No people wouldn't be commuting but they would be driving off to the mountains to enjoy their weekend, taking SUV's Motor Homes and other toys. I don't think this will make any difference in the amount of green house gasses being released into the atmoshphere.

I too choose to live in Ogden where I can Own a decent sized home for less than I can rent a Dinky Apartment in Salt Lake. And I find it so much more cost effective to live in Ogden and drive a Geo Metro to work in Salt Lake. That method is even cheaper than riding front runner and Trax to where I work.

Besides it takes me 2 hours to get to work using UTA because I have to use Front Runner, Trax and Buses. Driving it only takes me 55 Minutes! Even with Gas Prices the way they are I am still saving money by living in Ogden. And since UTA rates are based on Gas Prices too, Driving my GEO will probably be more cost effective for a long time.

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