Thursday, June 02, 2011

Sanity Update!!! The Ogden-Clearfield Area Is Reportedly One of the Richest Regions in America!

We are NOT making this up!

Fascinating U.S. News & World Report article stumbled upon (by your Blogmeister whilst Googling,) something we'd really like to share. The statistics gnomes at USN&WR have cobbled together a very interesting story, which, believe it or not, places the Ogden-Clearfield Area as #5 of the cities in America with (get this) the highest adjusted incomes. Just like DesMoines Iowa, we're apparently rich here in Ogden City, Folks.

Here's the story for your reading pleasure, Emerald City "Rich Folks!"
Tough luck, residents of Rancho Santa Fe, CA, Athertonan, CA, and Palm Beach, Florida, etc. !

Too Funny, no?


Southsider said...

And we're the most equal metro in the country!!!

rudizink said...

Frankly, I'm not at all that sure that these numbers are reliable.  Compare then with the 2008 numbers from the Ogden city website:

Ogden City Profile - Dec 2008

Ozboy said...


Why be such a doubting Thomas? 

Ya just gotta know these numbers are true and we are the richest SOB's this side of Chiner!   Why just yesterday, after reading how rich we all are, I went down to my local Marcedes Bends dealer to get me some new rich man wheels and the damn place had a long line of Ogden folks that went clean down the block and around the corner.  Every one of them was drippin with cash and waitin patiently to slide into their new ride and cruise into the wind wrapped in chrome, leather and surround sounds of "All the Gold in California" ("All the gold in California is in a bank in Salt Lake City in some Ute's name")

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