Thursday, June 23, 2011

Salt Lake Tribune: Group: GRAMA Just Needs Minor Tweaks

No sweeping overhaul, but instead just a few tweaks

By Ray

According to an article in the SLC Trib, GRAMA committee recommends only minor tweaks. Here's the gist, via Brooke Adams:
There will be no sweeping overhaul, but instead a few tweaks, some clarifica­tions and a recognition that Utah's open­ records law is pretty great after all.That's the outcome of the GRAMA Working Group, which on Wednesday finished a three- month effort to review the state's Government Records Access and Management Act and suggest ways to make it better. The group left unresolved some issues at the heart of the records de­­bate: how to deal with text messages and other new technologies, and what pro­­tections, if any, to give constituent email. But it did come up with other recom­­mendations to make the law more effi­­cient, better understood and to poten­­tially avoid some contentious disputes that are the bane of both those seeking records and government employees fill­­ing requests.
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