Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weber County Forum Scores its 1 Millionth Hit

Cheers to all!

By: Ozboy


Weber County Forum went past the one million hit mark today! Not half bad for a bunch of naysaying losers with nothing better to do with their worthless asses than to sit around carping about our wonderful and ethical political leadership here in the land of truth and enlightenment [wink].

Cheers to all!


Disgusted said...

Thanks for all you do. You've made such a commitment to the community by keeping this blog up and running. No telling how much deeper in debt or how much further down the river we residents would have been sold had it not been for your efforts to bring about open government and a forum to discuss what is or should be going on in our city.

Monotreme said...

Yay us! Rudi, thanks for all you do. We'd like to have effected more change, but thanks to you, we've done a lot.

Biker Babe said...

Did you sit and watch as it got closer ... anticipating the number-flip ... like watching your odometer turn to 100K ... monumental, yet inevitable ...


Danny said...

This blog is the primary reason that the 1000 year Ogden Reich only last a few years.  They should have bought Rudi out when they could.  Now the corrupt little parasites of the Ogden elite will have to start over with a new mayor.

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