Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Afternoon Emerald City News Roundup

A few random news items your ceaselessly hard-working Blogmeister chooses to highlight

1) We've had considerable discussion on WCF concerning Chief Greiner's penchant for "pricey" high-tech law enforcement toys, including his wished-for Crime Fighting Blimp and Dr. Evil-style Crime Control Command Center see, e.g., "Dr. Evil - Volcano Lair."

HAHAHA! In this connection, here's the latest from the Salt Lake Tribune:
It should come as no surprise to any of us therefore, that "Duh Chief" summarily rejects lightweight crime-fighting solutions such as a permanent Public Safety Building pharmaceutical drop-box... which is sadly, not very high tech at all.

Sodden question: Would Greiner's attitude toward a "Cop Shop Lobby Drop/Lock Box" be altered if the Council would approve the funds to place a little hidden camera in it... which could be monitored 24/7 from Greiner's plush (electrically vibrating) executive chair in the Chief's Crime Control Command Center?

2) A few days ago we reported that we'd learned that Ogden CAO John Patterson was "on the short list" for the hiring by West Jordan City for the position of City Manager. On that same theme we now learn from the Standard-Examiner that the same John "Pureheart" Patterson is also a main contender for the Casper, Wyoming City Manager job:
Here's our take. We're gonna miss the Hell outta the constantly gentlemanly and personable John Patterson a heckuva lot more in the year 2012, than we'll miss the incessantly grating, nauseating (puke inducing) and generally annoying POS Boss Godfrey. The upside to this whole story? In the grand scheme of things, it's unlikely that fans of limited and frugal government will henceforth miss either of these right wing socialist bastids. That's our take... and we're stickin with it. Best of luck to the more politically-facile J. Patterson in the future, though.

3) Next!! And last but not least, here's the latest blog post from one of our local favorites... the Ogden Ethics Project:
If I have the time, I'll make a note to post a little legal analysis of the latest case... a little bit later... when I get done working in my yard.

Feel free to post on any of the above subjects in the meantime however... or better yet... consider this a WCF open topic thread.

Update 6/16/11 8:00 a.m.: "Pureheart's" Casper, Wyoming job application is back in the news this morning, with this expanded SE story:


The Lovely Jennifer said...

Okay, you said open thread ... I was just down paying my early bird fees for the Farmers Market and ...

the fees are almost double what they were last year ... H25FAM knows a $60K RAMP grant would have helped ad great deal -- had they gotten it,  (someone or other agency got $60K instead of H25FAM) ... there seems to be city politics involved; the past Director of the Farmers and Art Market quit and his assistant quit ... maybe some people complained or got the cops involved for some little thing, and now it's going to be more challenging than usual ...

Bright side?  At least we are Having a Farmers & Art Market this year!


Please come by and visit!

Dan S. said...

Rudi, your take on Patterson is insightful. In brief, I would say that Godfrey and Patterson are equally unscrupulous and unethical. But Godfrey is also personally annoying and therefore often ineffective on his own. Patterson is good at being nice to people so he's far more dangerous.

Julie said...

A blimp?  Seriously?  Isn't there a much better way to spend the money?  Or just think maybe hiring a few more officers??  Or giving the current police force a raise for incentive?  I'm just saying.

Danny said...


Patterson is a lying, throat cutting womanizing
SOB.  Godfrey is easily 1% better man than
Patterson.  My guess is he’s leaving town
because he doesn’t want to pay the annual perversion fee the Greiner article
mentions.  I suppose he’s applying in
Casper because that’s the closest town he can find where the people are so
drunk they haven’t heard that he was fired from his last job for sexual back
seat bacchanalia.  Yeah, what a guy.

As for the blimp, it came in last in the capital
improvements and I don’t think the city-wide spy cameras did too well
either.  If Godfrey leaves can we also
get rid of Double-Dip, People’s Republic Chairman Greiner and his spy cameras for
citizen you and citizen me?

OneWhoKnows2 said...

Patterson is only the first rat to jump ship.  Personally I feel that this too is only a feeler story to get Pureheart's resume out there to WalMart and Arby's.  He is going to find that a Number Two job is very hard to find and with his colorful past, very doubtful.

I like the statement from Godfrey telling the next mayor to keep his collection of administrative heads in tact, probably the best assortment of lying thugs money can buy.

How's it feel John being forced out???  Back to WVC?

you who said...

Looks like John Boy wants to got to another State and run a Casper into tons of debt like he did in West Valley, he helped in Ogden. These City administrators are like a stubborn turd that just wont go down the toilet. They make the circuits from city to city and then leave after they are no longer wanted and have pissed off many taxpayers. My advice to Casper is to think before you hire the cheating lying little guy.
I would rather see John Patterson on unemployment than to see him sucking off another city teat.

Ozboy said...

I found Patterson to be a personable - and likeable - guy.  I think like any one who works in his profession of city management, he has to conform to the style and integrity of his elected bosses.  Given that Patterson has been Godfrey's main wing man, confident, biz adviser and sycophant, it is inevitable that he picked up a load of Godfrey's stink.  Could he shed the smell if he were to work under the control of an actual honest city mayor?  I would like to think so - just like I would like to think there is the possibility of and honest city mayor somewhere in Ogden's future.  It is a bit troublesome however that Patterson would stick with Godfrey so long in spite of his surely knowing of the mayor's incredibly dismal integrity quotient and the horrid way he treats subordinates. 

you who said...

Hookers, Whores. One in the same Oz. Patterson is likeable until he gets a huge bonner for you, then watch out. When he feels that he is dealing with someone with a different point of view he will stop at nothing to ruin them.

Dan S. said...

For Ozboy and others who might be unaware of what Patterson was like before he met Godfrey, I've dug up a little history:

rudizink said...

The Casper Star Tribune reports that the field of candidates for the Casper, WY City Manager job is now reduced to four:

City manager candidate withdraws

Ozboy said...

Ain't it interesting how cities often revisit and rewrite their ethics laws after someone like Patterson leaves their high level position.

PPK said...

I need a shower after reading all this. With antibacterial soap. In my eyeballs.

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