Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune: Ex-police Chief Gets Severance, While Insurer Pays Ogden’s Legal Fees

Legal fees to defend Greiner: $293,000

Submitted by: Dan Schroeder

Blockbuster update to yesterday's Weber County Forum story from Chris Smart over at the Trib. The legal fees to defend against the Hatch Act accusation cost the city's insurer $293,000:
And according to a Standard-Examiner article from April 2010, the city will eventually have to reimburse all of that money:
The Utah Risk Management Mutual Association, the city's insurance carrier, is paying Jim Bradshaw, a lawyer defending Greiner, and Stan Preston, an attorney representing the city administration. However, as part of URMMA's recapture loss program, the city will be required to fully reimburse the organization for defense costs, Patterson said. For each year that Bradshaw and Preston provide legal representation, he said, the city will be given five years to repay URMMA.
So it would have been cheaper to just pay the $215,000 fine than to fight this. Of course, Mayor "John Paul Jones" Godfrey always prefers to fight.

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