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WCF Saturday Special: Ogden Area Count My Vote Petition Site Map and Addresses

Please sign the Count My Vote petition, and in November we’ll decide which system we want!

Thanks to a tip from one of our Gentle Readers, and in response to several private inquiries, we're delighted to provide this morning a short list of Ogden area locations where those of you who are who are eager to affix your signatures the now active Count My Vote petition can find these petitions available for signing.  Via the Count My Vote website, we've gleaned the petition location site map and street addresses set forth below:

Ogden/Weber Count My Vote petition signature sites

Legend: Site Addresses and Google Street View Pics :

1) Event/Location: Union Station Fermentation Station
Senate: 18
Type: Business
Address: 2404 Wall Ave Ogden, UT 84401 801-392-9772
Phone #: 801-392-9772
Hours: During business hours

2) Event/Location: The Junction - Megaplex Theater
Senate: 18
Type: Ongoing
Address: 2351 Kiesel Ave. Ogden 84401
Phone #: 801-528-5800
Hours: Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays

3) Event/Location: Turner Bitton
Senate: 19
Type: Residence
Address: 960 E. 21st Street Ogden, UT 84401
Phone #: 801-564-3860
Hours: Call to arrange

4) Event/Location: Ogden-Weber UniServ
Senate: 18
Type: Ongoing
Address: 939 25th St. Ogden 84401
Phone #: 801-399-3746
Hours: Call to arrange

5) Event/Location: Grounds For Coffee
Senate: 18
Type: Business
Address: 3005 Harrison Blvd Ogden, UT 84403
Phone #: (801) 621-3014
Hours: During Business Hours

6) Event/Location: Office of Ed Allen M. D.
Senate: 18
Type: Business
Address: 3860 Jackson Avenue Ogden 84403
Phone #: 801-392-1050
Hours: Call to arrange

Let's all show the crackpot political insiders our votes should mean something! Please sign the Count My Vote petition, and in November we’ll decide which system we want!

Update 12/8/13 8:55 a.m.: For those readers residing outside the Ogden/Weber area, find your nearest petition signing location via this handy interactive map:


blackrulon said...

How long is the time period to sign the petition?

rudizink said...

I dunno, BR/ Based on my pat experience with the Utah Ethics inititaive, I 'd guess April 15, 2014. Seriously though, Why wait?

Bob Becker said...

1. "Situational awareness" is exactly what I'm talking about. If you think you need to carry side arms to safely go shopping and out to eat in Ogden on a Friday night, you don't seem very good at "situational awareness.". But being so frightened as often as you seem to be probably distorts your judgment.

2. My post contained not a word suggesting contempt for the 2nd Amendment... unless you're arguing that it requires citizens to arm themselves when they go out to Sears to buy a pair of sox after sundown in Ogden.

3. Thanks, Pilgrim, for the report that downtown Ogden last night didn't turn into Dodge City. But I already knew that. I was there. For several hours. Unarmed and unharmed. Imagine that.

AWM said...

Bob, in your opinion, when can/is the appropriate time an individual should carry concealed?

AWM said...

Rudi, we must have just missed each other as I was there. Did you happen to see a guy about 6 foot, 220+/-, wearing a tan oiled mid-length sail cloth duster sitting in the corner with his back towards the door? That was me...unless of course he looked like he was living in fear every waking moment of his life....LOL

rudizink said...

No, AMW. Did you see a 215# Jock Animal wearing a Dallas Stars hockey jacket? Tthat woulda been mois, btw :-)

Bob Becker said...

The answer would vary by individual and circumstance. (To give one example: if my job was re-possessing cars, I'd probably have a weapon along.) For myself, anyplace so dangerous that I'd consider going in armed is a place I wouldn't go in the first place (like the projects in New Orleans). Situational awareness at work. Coming to Ogden on a Friday night to shop and eat is not one of those situations or places.

AWM said...

Didn't see you, but a hockey fan gets RESPECT! Good day for a cup of joe at GFC.

AWM said...

Off topic but used to be a huge UND Souix fan, except when they played the Maine Black Bears.

AWM said...

Bob, I agree 99% of the time with your measured and reasoned replies both here and the SE page. You being wrong only 1% of the time is an enviable track record. Let's agree to disagree shall we? By now we're probably boring the locals.

Bob Becker said...

OK, AWM. Fair enough.

Bob Becker said...

Huh. Looks from this conversation like GFC's reputation ("where the elite meet to eat") is in serious trouble..... ( grin).

utah_1 said...

Have you read #countmyvote ? Would you like it if the #utleg didn't read bills? No. Why pass it out of the public committee with most not showing up to the public hearings (CMV scheduled so they would be hard for their supporters to get there so those that came were opposed to it and still are).

The "bill" Count My Vote, or proposed law is flawed, terribly so. Even some of
the strongest supporters admit the legislature will have to fix it if
this mess passes.

We tell public officials to kill these kind of
errors in committee, not skip the public hearing, not read the bill and
vote to send it to the floor of the legislature to decide if it should
pass or not.

That is exactly what Count My Vote is telling
people to do. Sign it, unread, and hope everyone realizes next fall it
doesn't deliver. They could have amended it but chose not to and by
law, can no longer amend the "bill".

utah_1 said...

This proposed law will
cost taxpayers millions, $1 Million the first year and almost that every
2 years, with about 1/2 of the unfunded mandate being picked up by the
less populous counties, the ones that the same proposed law will cause
to be flyover places where the candidates and elected officials won't
come anymore.

When Utah tried a direct primary in
1937 to 1947, it came with a run off primary, so the majority would
elect the nominee. When the voting turn out and the cost drove the
public and the media to reject that system - a compromise,
caucus/convention and run off primary was created. We have that today.
Count My Vote not only removes the nominating for general elections
using delegates, it removes the run off primary system we have and nominees
will no longer be selected out of a 2 person race.

utah_1 said...

political royalty sponsors of Count My Vote loved the current system
when the turnout to the neighborhood caucus elections meetings (GOP) was
about 25,000, but when it exceeded 50,000 and 100,000, they no longer
want that system because they no longer have the power. They don't tell
you that the same delegates, proposed to be elected by closer to 10,000
attendees will still pick nominees such as the replacement for Spencer

They claim more people will be able to vote. A large percentage of
voters will not affiliate to vote in the GOP primary election and those
same people will not be able to vote in a "GOP" direct primary under
Count My Vote. They will get to pay more as Count My Vote makes sure
the parties will not be picking up the tab they currently do, it will be
the taxpayers, unaffiliated or not.

One Who Votes said...

A couple of weeks ago when I spoke with them, they were hoping to have the number of signatures by 1/15/14.

AWM said...

Bob, friends don't let friends drink Starbucks

Danny said...

Count My Vote is an attempt by the elites to sucker people into allowing them to increase their power.

That's how they do it - fool ya - they are never on the level.

Count My Vote is a fraud.

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