Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Salt Lake Tribune: Herbert Picks Reyes as Utah’s Next Attorney General

We congratulate Sean Reyes for finally ascending to the Office which he ought to have occupied a year ago

Whoa! looky here!  We now have a new replacement Utah Attorney General, after a year or so of digesting this extremely uncomfortable political  BS:
Hard core political wonks will recall that the new AG, designee, Sean Reyes, was the runner-up, during the the 2012 election, second only to the sadsack John Swallow, the now-disgraced poster boy for the good-ol-boy Utah Caucus/Convention Nomination System.

We'll suggest that there is some justice in Governor Herbert's Sean Reyes Attorney General appointment, inasmuch as Reyes is the guy who probably would have been elected, if the creepy John Swallow hadn't successfully corrupted the entire Utah GOP political nomination system.

So whaddaya think, folks?  Was Sean Reyes the right pick?

And can we see by a show of  hands how many of you believe Utah Republican "delegates," the very same people who let Swallow "slip through the cracks," properly "vet" other Utah political nominees, and do  a good job of "vetting" corrupt bastids like John Sswallow?

"All's well that ends well," though, we suppose, in which connection we congratulate Sean Reyes for finally ascending to the Office which he ought to have occupied a year ago.


Bob Becker said...

Only one way to be sure, Rudi. Invite him out to Krispy Kreme, and make him an offer he can't refuse and see what hppens. (PS: secretely tspe the meeting. Just a suggestion....)

AWM said...

Did I miss something? The Republicans vetted their party AG hopefuls in their caucus primary. Then the party nominee (Swallow) ran against the democratic hopeful, Dee Smith. In the open election for Utah AG Dee Smith was the runner up, not Sean Reyes. Now, after their boy Swallow resigned in disgrace the Republicans feel they have the right to position their "also ran" who didn't make the primary cut and NEVER was voted on by the public in the vacant slot? This basically amounts to a "do-over". Reyes prob would have won against Swallow had the campaign not been dirty and in that case its almost a sure bet Sean also would have won the open election. Man, even if the law allows it, those republicans must have some stones to do this straight faced. No honor among thieves I guess.

smaatguy said...

Awm...you saying if a den was in there things would be different...."they' wouldn't put their guy in under similar circumstances?

AWM said...

Not a Dem or Rep issue SG. The "runner up" who actually competed in the open state wide election and received public votes should be the next in line. NOBODY in this state voted for Reyes...not one vote was cast for Sean.

AWM said...

I know the legal complexities of this AG appointment issue run deeper than my brief analogy here but when somebody loses the gold medal because of cheating we don't give it to the 2nd fasted runner of that country who stayed home, we give it to the runner up. The person that actually competed and took second place in the race regardless of what country they're from. The Republicans, lead by the Sr. Real Estate agent of Ut. squandered a perfect win/win opportunity. Had they appointed the runner up Dee, it would have... 1) Been he right thing to do for the voters. 2) Gave more than lip service to political fair play in our state. 3) Dumbfounded (at least briefly) some of the critics of the party. 4) Gave the appearance they were reaching across the isle. 5) Enhanced the parties perceived ethical standing which they sorely need after Swallow. 6) Possible received some favorable regional and national media exposure at very little cost to the party as it's almost a given that in a few months at the open election their party would regain the AG. Hard to believe that their advisors/PR crew didn't see the issue in this context.

smaatguy said...

Totally agree AWM...but your text leaned toward "the Republicans feel they have the right to position their "also ran""....I would assume the Dems would do the same thing...which would also be the wrong path....

rudizink said...

I agree with AWM in theory, but that's not how the system's set up in Utah... unfortunately.

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