Thursday, December 05, 2013

Salt Lake Tribune: Lee Receives Endorsement from Tea Party Express

"The kiss of death" for our Junior Utah Senator?

Great news from the Salt Lake Tribune (we suspect), for any bona-fide, prospective GOP candidate who might be jockeying for position to challenge Utah's Senator Mike "Shortsale" Lee for his U.S. Senate seat in the upcoming 2016 General Election:
To frame any possible discussion this morning, we'll put the spotlight on this clever retort from one Trib reader in the lower comments section:
I'm sure Mikey is now eagerly awaiting endorsements from the KKK, the American Nazi Party, John Swallow, and various payday loan sharks, vitamin supplement pushers, and other con artists.
So what about it, O Gentle Ones?  Is this endorsement "the kiss of death" for our Junior Utah Senator? Or does the tea party still have traction in Utah, the reddest of all red states?


blackrulon said...

This is the most recent rally of support for Senator Lee in the past few months. He can always make time in his schedulte to speak to supporters. He has yet to schedule a town hall meeting to respond to questions from voters in Salt lake County

Ray said...

Perhaps Mr. Swallow will become Senator Lee's PR person now that he has time on his hands?

RebelWithACause2 said...

If you believe in smaller government, lower taxes, freedom to own or carry a gun, photo I.D. at the polls to help avoid fraudulent elections, scrapping Obama Care in favor of starting over with a bi-partisan health care plan which will not bankrupt the country while still leaving millions of people uninsured, and following different courses of action which will result in more jobs, you may find you are actually in agreement with Tea Party beliefs, as Senator Lee seems to be. What's wrong with that?

Danny said...

Ditto, Kat.

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