Saturday, December 21, 2013

Weber County Officials: Marriages Will Be Performed Today

Just a little something for our "outcast" Weber County-situated WCF LGBT friends who might want to BE legally binded" in their relationships over the weekend

Take this for what it's worth, since we haven't been able to independently verify any of this:

On the heels of yesterday's monumental U.S. Federal Court ruling , and in the wake of this morning's magnificent Cathy McKitrick story, we learn from several sources that our local Weber/Ogden government public agencies will be open during a short time window to issue marriage licences today, and to allow "non-traditional" couples to be promptly "hitched":

Via Weber County Forum's good friend, James Humphreys:
"Rudi: this is James Humphreys calling I was wondering if you could put something out for me today.. [Ogden Mayor Mike] Caldwell will be available to perform wedding ceremony today for those who would like to do so and the Weber County clerks office will be open for a few hours this afternoon to help those who would like to receive marriage licenses. take(?) given there's a short week next week for Christmas and the staff is already gonna be inundated with requests on Monday. This could be the pressure valve for them so if you wouldn't mind passing that word along I would be very very grateful Sir. Thank you.
Via Equality Utah:
Weber County Clerk's office: They will open from 1 to 2 pm, anyone in line at 2pm will be served. The front doors will not be open, so you have to park in the garage, and go in the entrance from the garage. The address is 2380 Washington BLVD. The garage entrance to the Weber Center is off of 24th street.
Just a little something for our heretofor "outcast" WCF LGBT friends who might want to legally "bind" their relationships over the weekend.

Yeah.  The timeline is a mite fuzzy.  Might be worth the extra effort, though, for "non traditional" couples  to "press" to receive the legal benefits of their mutual commitment and love, we believe.

Update 12/21/13 6:43 p.m.:  Well... we gotta say this totally sucks:
Of course, nobody ever believed that achieving a level playing field for equal rights in Utah would be easy, did we?

Hang in people. Ultimately, "We" Shall Overcome, right?


AWM said...

Unusually quick response time for 10 Speed considering his past track record related to some hot topic issues that were facing O-town. Maybe he's turning over a new leaf?

Bob Becker said...

Haste may be wise since The Peoples Republic of Utah has asked the courts for "emergency" relief, meaning an order staying the judge's decision until an appeal is filed and heard.

rudizink said...

This whole sequence of court events will indeed be fun to watch. In order to succeed at the 10th Circuit Court with a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order), the Uath AG's office will have to demonstate that Utahns will suffer irreparable damage, if Judge Shelby's ruling is kept in effect.
Monday's 10th Circuit activity will be definitely interesting to watch.

Danny said...

It's funny that a judge can overrule 2/3 of the voters and people call that "liberty". Suppose the judge decided something you didn't like and which was also supported by the public. Would that also be "liberty"? As I have said, judicial activism is great when it gets you what you want without the trouble of legislation. But it's a bugger when it goes the other way.

blackrulon said...

What I find interesting is the reaction of many elected Utah officials. They seem surprised that a federal judge ruled against them. Did they seriously discount the possibility that the ruling would go against them? The Deseret News had a front page editorial decrying the rulining.

AWM said...

I found it interesting how quickly Sim Gill (SLC DA) jumped on this issue as well. I was hoping he would throw his hat in the ring for Utah AG next year. Considering how the state majority votes this significantly hinders his chances (such as they are) of successfully running for that office.

blackrulon said...

What Mr. Gill did was allow the ruling to be placed into effect. He made the decision to follow the current law instead of bending his opinion to future political consideratioins.

AWM said...

Exactly BR! All the more reason I like him as a Utah AG prospect. He followed the law at potential risk to his yet to be stated career aspirations. That kind of integrity and service before self attitude is sorely lacking in our elected officials at any level.

Dan S. said...

Well, by now I suppose everyone knows what happened. But I find it interesting that someone started the rumor that Caldwell would be there. My understanding is that he's out of town and never promised any such thing.

blackrulon said...

It is only considered judicial activism when you disagree with the ruling. Otherwise it is a judge reaffirming your opinion.

blackrulon said...

How far away could Caldwell be? He has promised to ride his bicycle everywhere he goes.

rudizink said...

ROFLMAO, BR. Still laffin'

AWM said...

In town/out of town. In state/out of state matters not. He doesn't get a pass. This is a significantly historic event for the state of Utah regardless of how the appeals turn out. 10-Speed could easily weigh in on the subject via a number of electronic means. As Bob mentioned above, time is of the essence for now. This has to make one stop and ask the question "Just what does it take for Mike Caldwell, the duly elected mayor of O-town to weigh in on a subject, if this event doesn't elicit some type of timely public response then just what does?

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