Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Funnies: Utah's Fight to Overturn Gay Marriage Ruling Could Cost $2 million - Updated

Thankfully, in the Theocratic State of  Utah, taxpayer money apparently "grows on trees"

In Friday's Weber County Forum story we reported that our newly elected Utah Attorney General will be "turning to outside counsel for help with its efforts to stop same-sex marriages, a move the office said Thursday would temporarily delay its application for a stay to the U.S. Supreme Court." Well... Lo and Behold, The Standard-Examiner now reports the probable Utah taxpayer price tag for this "fool's errand":
Thankfully, in the Theocratic State of  Utah, taxpayer money apparently "grows on trees." 

Utah: The best-managed state? "Utah manages itself with savvy business acumen," opined the Pew Center on States Government Performance in 2008.

Of course it hurts a little less when you laugh about it, right?

Just a little something to add to your Sunday morning merriment and mirth.

Over... and Out!

Update 12/29/13 6:00 p.m.: Added bonus:  Just to keep this whole brouhahah in context:


Teri said...

but it will likely be the only way many people will be able to accept
that gay marriage is a civil right and not a religious wrong. It will
have to win on all fronts, which it will.

blackrulon said...

The state of Utah is often told that its quirky liquor laws an d lax environmental standards worry business that considerer a move to Utah. With growing acceptance of gay marriage across the nation will Utahs stand fighting a ruling on gay marriage help or hinder business recruitment?

Ogden Lover said...

It's our money. Whether or not to spend it on this losing appeal should be decided by the voters. Oh, I forgot, we have to rush into this before gay marriage armageddon strikes.

AWM said...

The state of Utah spent $11m "Not to go to court" over the stinking mess Herbert caused by his minions overruling of the highway bid. I consider this a BARGAIN regardless of the outcome, which is probably preordained.

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