Monday, February 10, 2014

Breaking: LGBT Utahns Arrested After Protesting Senate’s Block of Non-Discrimination Law - Updated

Fortunately, at least at this juncture, there are still no reports of any LGBT folks or their supporters actually getting their skulls busted... at least not yet

Peaceful protesters...
about to be Frog-marched
Eye-opening action this afternoon is being reported on Utah's Capitol Hill, springing from the block-headed inaction of our bigoted Utah Republican majority, who've vowed that there will be "no bills where human rights will be even mentioned," due to the still pending Kitchen V. Herbert federal appeal matter, inasmuch as Utah GOP leadership (so-called) fears that any one of a hundred or so block-headed Utah Republican legislators might display "discrimatory 'animus," which might jeopardise Utah's already pathetic federal appeals case.

Here's the current skinny, peeps, concerning a Utah Capital Hill civil rights "standoff" which is still now developing, even as your blogmeister types this up.  Yes. peaceful Utah protesters are even now being arrested, folks:
Feels reminiscent of the situation in the southern USA during the 'sixties," dunnit; whilst brave black (and white) folks were manning the barricades and demonstrating for equal rights? Fortunately, at least at this juncture, there are still no reports of any Utah LGBT folks or their supporters actually getting their skulls busted... at least not yet, that is.

Kudos to all Utahns, LGBT or not,  who are willing to go to the streets to stand for equality.

Needless to say, we'll be sitting on the edge of our seat and will continue reporting, as this situation continues to develop.

Update 2/10/14 6:26 p.m.:  Check out this awesome and inspirational video:

Whatever you do, don't let the cat get your tongues!

Update 2/10/14 8:25 p.m.:  Good news!  Looks like 13 enemies of the Utah GOP Fascist State have already (and miraculously) made bail:

Free at Last!!!

Update 2/1014 9:41 p.m.: Okay folks. Better late than never, the Salt Lake Tribune's Lindsay Whitehurst is now all over this story:
Just keep voting Republican, folks, as the State of Utah increasingly emulates the old Soviet Union! 

And don't "clam up," O Gentle Ones.


Chris K. said...

Our Senators and Representatives are supposed to do the peoples work! When they refuse, we need to hold them accountable.

Danny said...

Geez, I keep makin' this point.

So the Washington Post wants to get rid of caucuses and conventions, and Mitt Romney does too.

So a bunch of libs and a rich parasite want to get rid of it, because their guy, Bob Bennett, lost.

Does that make my point, or what?

rudizink said...

No Danny. My chief complaint after running Utah GOP caucuses as Precinct Chairman over the course of sixteen years? Nine times outta ten, your caucus meeting gets hijacked by whatever crackpot group has a single issue they want to push during any given year. My favorite precinct caucus of all? The day my neighbor Boss Godfrey showed up at my caucus along with dozens of supporters from the local wardhouse (people I'd never even seen anytime before at any previous caucus meeting [or therefter]), to get himself elected as a State Delegate, so's he could show up at the State Convention, and sit on the stage with all the rest of the Republican muckey-mucks. I have other examples of this dysfunction too, and could go on ad infinitem, although I won't further elaborate at this time with my "war stories", unless you insist.

One other compund question, Danny: Do you regularly attend your neighborhood precinct caucus meetings? Are you now, or have you ever been "elected" in a caucus meeting to serve as a county and/or state convention delegate?

Just curious... Thanks in advance.

Ben Pales said...

How the arrests happened was so staged it was laughable. The UHP troopers marched in with our own not so Honorable Sen Reid and one other Senator. They marched up to the protestors and said, here are 2 Senators, will you let them through. The protestors remained silent. The UHP then grabbed people and started to flex cuff them. After the protestors were hustled off, Reid then made the unlock the door signal to the Senate staff. So yes, the protestors were barring entry to a locked committee room. The UHP had enough of those meddlers, so it was time to hustle them out, so the "Peoples" business could be done.

Bob Becker said...

Soory, guys, but I can't buy all the angst and teeth-gnashing on this one. Engaging in civil disobedience implies a willingness to accept being arrested as a means if drawing attention to your issue. Once they refused to move out of the doorway when asked, they courted the arrest that followed. And there was no local Bull Conner unleashing police dogs, fire hoses and night sticks on the protesters. This wasn't the Stonewall 2014, people.

rudizink said...

Ah c'mon, Bob. Get with the spirit!

Bob Becker said...

They are doing the work the people who elected them sent them there to do. The Whining Right's bleatings about President Obama not being a legitimate President because he's not doing what they want him to do is a laughable argument, given tge outcome of the last election.. So is the claim that the GOP-owned and operated Utah legislature is not "doing the people's business." The electorate put the legislature in the hands of the people it wanted to run it.

good_reader1 said...

Why did the Trib post a photo of your Ogden Stuart Reid (R) at the governors door after the LGBT protestors were arrested? He could care less about Ogden citizens, just a photo op?

AWM said...

Off topic but needs to be said: Dylan and maybe Kristofferson are about the only two singer/songwriters I know that sound worse doing their own original works than just about anybody else that covers them. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming

formersaltlaker said...

And Gayle Ruzicka needs to be sent packing. Change the locks to the doors in the capitol. She's done enough. Go home and spend your time knitting or scaring small children or whatever it is you do for fun, Gayle.

AWM said...

+1 and spot on! Don't believe I saw anybody at the last election that was under 30 the whole 15 minutes I was voting. Do remember seeing an elderly man and wife both on 02 generators (I assumed they were married) and as I left I held the door for an elderly woman. The only reason I remember her at all is she got out of a late model Mustang in a handicapped spot right up front. Her driving that Stang struck me as odd in a Harold & Maude sort of way

Bob Becker said...

Oh, I don't know. I like KK's version of "Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down" which he wrote. I know, I know, Johnny Cash had the singles hit, but I prefer KK's.

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