Sunday, February 09, 2014

State Agency Seeks $1 Million to Prevent Listing of Sage Grouse

LOL: Utah, the "best managed" state

Via my ever curmudgeonly FB buddy Ed Flint, whom I'll most surely hire if I'm ever criminally accused of anything more serious than the usual "spittin on the sidewalk" charge

"Sure, why not? Utahns aren't taxed enough, and our tax dollars are already spent to observe whether wolves are coming to Utah, so let's spend the money, instead of lowering the taxes":
What the heck?  It's just a danged bird, right? Good eatin' too, or so I read.

So howbout spending that extra $1 Mil on Utah education?  There's no chance of having that happen, of course.

LOL: Utah, the "best managed" state.


Ray said...

Why not? $600,000 to prevent non-existent wolves, millions to prevent same sex marriage recognition, untold dollars to erect the Zion curtain, millions to try and rewrite history to absorb federal lands, but hey we've got plenty of sheeple to fleece for the cost without question...

Danny said...

Environmental protection is a really good idea. The corporate types who run this state never understand. They are always looking for the short term dollar.

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