Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Utah Political Capitol: Gill: "Indictments" in Swallow Case in Three to Six Months

Yeah.  It's been a long haul indeed, but it'll be well worth the wait, we hope

Tantalizing news for those who've been scratching their heads, wondering what's happening concerning the John Swallow political corruption scandal, which kept our Weber County Forum readers sitting on the edges of their seats for the greater part of 2013.  According to this morning's Micheal Orton story from Utah Political CapitolDavis and Salt Lake County prosecutors Troy Rawlings and Sim Gill are on the verge of having their prosecutorial "ducks" finally lined up, for the next chapter in the ongoing John Swallow Saga:
Needless to say, we'll continue to follow this story with considerable interest, in eager anticipation of any criminal charges which "could" be coming up.

Yeah.  It's been a long haul indeed, but it'll be well worth the wait... we hope.


Scott P. said...

Handle this Sim. We know you'll set this strait and do what it takes to show the people these guys can't just do as they please. We must all play by the rules

Shawnie said...

Love Sim!!!

AWM said...

Bet Shurtleff almost choked on his breakfast this morning while reading the story. He realizes that if Swallow goes down hard he may be the next domino to fall. Sim has shown enough character and backbone that I feel comfortable that he will go wherever he needs to in order to find the truth.

J Dexter said...

Go get 'em, Sim!

John B. said...

Watch for an immunity bill for these turds in the closing moments of this legislative session.

blackrulon said...

I am wondering what legislation the Eagle Forum/Tea Party members of the legislature plan to do to Salt Lake and Davis County in retalation for the planned prosecution

Dennis F. said...

Should a public official get a pass on bad behavior! I don't think so. I'm sick that this so called honest guy is getting a great pension from his actions. They should be looking at jail number one. And to strip him of all benefits he gets from resigning. What about all the missing emails and paper trail he failed to turn over to the Feds and local authorities .

Dennis F. said...

the law in or out of office has consequences . If he is proven guilty,
he should not only go to jail . He should loose his pension and all
perks he is getting now. No special treatment for being a dishonest
public servant . Throw the book at him.

Susan M. said...

they get what they should lamo,something just because they have power
,they can do what ever they want ,hope the go to jail don't pass go .

Richard R. said...

Yes, please don't let Swallow get away with this ,.He so violated the public trust. Swallow's smirk reminds me of what Mom used to say when we made her angry, "I'll take that smile off tour face." I also think we should take a harder look at former AG Shurtlief. Sim.take the smile off their faces . We also need to make sure Swallow doesn't get a retirement pension,unless we count prison wages.

blackrulon said...

Just a minor glitch is the candidate selection process at your local neighborhood caucus meeting.

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