Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WCF Guest Editorial: Stop the Comcast/Time Warner Merger

By David Moon:

Comcast, the biggest cable and Internet provider is trying to  take over Time Warner, its biggest rival.  This would give  Comcast a near-monopoly, and a presence in every major media market in the  country.

Click  here to tell the Federal Communications Commission that it needs to stop the merger.

With almost no competition, a merged Comcast Time Warner would  have no reason to keep prices low, or offer consumers more choices,  much less improve its infrastructure. Millions of rural  customers who have been waiting for decades for broadband internet access would  likely have to keep on waiting.

We already deserve much better than we're getting from telecom  giants. America lags far behind the rest of the developed world in  Internet service, speed and affordability. The profit-greedy telecom  industry has opposed infrastructure improvement at every opportunity.

If two of the worst and most incompetent cable providers consolidate their  power, America's digital divide will grow as we all fall farther and farther  behind the rest of the world.

Moreover, allowing only a handful of giant corporations to be the gatekeepers  for almost all media and Internet services would be disastrous for privacy,  freedom of speech, and what's left of an open Internet!

But the Federal Communications Commission can stop the  merger.  Please let the the FCC know that that's what we need it to  do.

Click here to tell the FCC to stand up to the telecom behemoths and protect consumers -- just like it's supposed to do.


-Demand Progress

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