Saturday, February 22, 2014

Standard-Examiner: Complaint Filed Against Count My Vote

Yesiree, folks. Count My Vote petition opponents are clearly runnin' scared and  pulling out all the stops

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There's breaking news in the Count My Vote citizens initiative story this morning, as the Standard-Examiner reports the latest desperate effort of extremist petition opponents to thwart a public vote on demonstrably popular CMV political nomination procedural reform:
So in addition to Senator Curtis Bramble's pending "compromise" legislative "end-run", which would arguably render the Count My Vote citizens initiative moot,  those political insiders who maintain a stranglehold over our Utah political nomination through our "quirky" and "democratically-exclusionary" party-insider caucus/convention nomination system are now opening up a second dilatory battleground, before our  GOPUtah Lieutenant Governor, who has regulatory authority over Utah citizens initiative petition drives. 

Here's a link to the full text of the complaint, for those folks who'd like to read up:
Yesiree, folks.  With at least one news media source hinting that the CMV folks have already collected 100,000 Utah signatures or more,  CMV petition opponents are clearly runnin' scared and pulling out all the stops.

While it's still a mite early to evaluate this latest legal maneuver on its merits, needless to say we'll be following this nest "wrinkle" closely, in the days and weeks to come.

Here's what you can do in the meantime however, O Gentle ones... if you haven't already done so. Click the link below, to find the nearest CMV petition location, and add your own signature to the list of thousands of other Utahns who've already "voted" to take back their government:
Do your civic duty, folks.  Who knows?  It could be YOUR OWN signature which puts the CMV petition drive "over the top," in the event that the PONC insider political operatives do ultimately succeed in getting a few petitions tossed.

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