Monday, February 24, 2014

Big Boost: Mitt Romney Backs Count My Vote

Bad news for Count My Vote opponents, wethink, as Romney contributes his Utah political "star-power" to the CMV citizens initiative juggernaut.

There's a blockbuster development in the Count My Vote citizens inititiive story as GOP heavyweight Mitt Romney, who garnered "90 percent of the vote in Utah’s 2008 presidential primary and captured more than 93 percent of the vote [in 2012]," leaps aboard the CMV bandwagon, and endorses replacing Utah's current caucus/convention system with a direct primary nomination procedure.

Here's the lede from Saturday's KSL News story, along the accompanying KSL video, which we've helpfully embedded below:
SALT LAKE CITY — Mike Leavitt, former governor of Utah, confirmed Sunday that Mitt Romney has thrown his support behind the Count My Vote effort to bring a primary election system to Utah.
In an email dated Feb. 19, addressed to Leavitt and obtained by KSL, Romney says, "I want to tell you Ann and I are supporters," he tells Leavitt, one of the organizers of the Count My Vote effort.
Romney writes he has been "pushing hard" for states to move to direct primaries since the most recent election.
"Convention/caucus systems exclude so many people," the email reads. "They rarely produce a result that reflects how rank and file Republicans feel. I think that's true for Democrats, too."

The Trib is all over this latest news development too:
Bad news for CMV opponents, wethink, as Romney contributes his Utah political "star-power" to the Count My Vote juggernaut.

Added bonus:  Find the nearest CMV petition location here, Mitt Romney fans:
Do your part to fix  Utah's "busted" political nomination system, which has been "hijacked by cynical power brokers and right-wing fanatics," folks.


blackrulon said...

What a interesting turn. Perhaps this will help the process of removing tjhe extreme influence of the wacko far right on Utah politics. Someday in the future the far right will be reduced to buying T-shirts they deem offensivve to "protect the children",

Bob Becker said...

Ran into three person Count My Vote petition team working the sidewalk outside the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Layton Sunday.

Ray said...

Wow, one of the few things I agree with Mr. Romney on.

John B. said...

Just remember Utah republicans are known for eating each other.

blackrulon said...

It is always interesting to hear James Humphrey attack the intelligence and political savvy of those who have signed the petition . Mr. Himphrey has previously stated his opposition to the whole concept of citizen petitions despite it being part of the Utah constitution.

Danny said...

Gee. I didn't know you guys were such big fans of Mitt Romney - the biggest Republican loser in recent memory. Oh wait..... yeah makes sense now.

Yeah, say the Democrats. Do what Mitt says. Yeah, and keep doing it.

Good advice.

blackrulon said...

It just goes to prove that if you look hard enough and long enough you can find something good about everyone.

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