Friday, February 13, 2015

Count My Vote to Lawmakers: Keep Your Word

Are the possibly gullible folks of Count My Vote engaged in a "fool's errand," in appealing to the "Angels of Utah's (dubious) Better Nature"?

Via the ever politically savvy Utah Policy website, we'll highlight the latest salvo concerning what we've lovingly labeled the
Utah GOP SB54 Bait and Switch
The leaders of Count My Vote sent a letter to Utah lawmakers Friday morning, urging them to honor the agreement they made last year.
The letter, which you can see [linked within], notes that lawmakers are considering at least four pieces of legislation seeking to undo the compromise forged between Count My Vote and the Legislature last year.
The letter reminds lawmakers that organizers are ready to take their case to the public should lawmakers renege on their commitment.
Read up folks; and check out the text of the Count My Vote "demand letter":
Are the possibly gullible folks of Count My Vote engaged in a "fool's errand," in appealing to the "Angels of Utah's Better Nature"?

Comments, anyone?


RM said...

What everyone forgets is that Count My Vote was simply a petition that, if enough signatures were collected, would put the measure on the ballot. Then voters could decide yea or nay. I guess the powers that be were terrified of letting the voters make any decision for themselves.

blackrulon said...

The Tea Party/Eagle Forum is fighting a lot more public battles than they usually have. They are. fighting against nondiscrimination legislation, fighting for the religious rights to discriminate, repealing the count my vote bill and placing the Utah constitution above the US constitution.

Ozboy said...

I say to hell with these disingenuous Tea Party hacks. Bring out the petitions again, I'm ready to sign again and I'm ready to circulate the damn thing as well. I'm sure I can double the 35 signatures I got last time - door to door in my own neighborhood. Hell, I might even go for a hundred signatures next time.
The election process needs to be opened up to all the people and it needs to be enshrined in the State Constitution so these mealy mouthed weenies in the Legislature can't game it in future sessions. They flat out ain't to be trusted and they have proven it on numerous occasions in the past.
And speaking of petitions, we need a companion one to bring the number of signatures needed to get something on the ballot reduced way back to what it was before these crooked SOB's jiggered the numbers to make it near impossible for the people to have a voice.

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