Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Salt Lake Tribune: Senate Stands by ‘Count My Vote’ Compromise, Rejects Delay

Kudos to Senators Bramble and Weiler, for keeping the State legislature on the "straight and narrow" course.

Uh-oh.  It appears that tea-party nitwit State Senator Scott Jenkins's bill to "kill" the Utah legislature's 2014 Count My Vote "compromise," has just now gone down in flames.  Here's the hot-off-the press Salt Lake Tribune story:
"Count My Vote would start gathering signatures again if the Legislature approved Jenkins' bill," Weiler warned.Sen. Curt Bramble, R-Provo, author of the compromise, called SB54, said having the new law in effect for the 2016 elections was always a key part of the deal. 'To vote for delay would directly violate that agreement'. "Bramble also contended the party does not need to change its bylaws to qualify for the ballot under the new law."

Nice to see our state legislature behaving ethically for once, ainnit?

Kudos to Senators Bramble and Weiler, for keeping the State legislature on the "straight and narrow" course.


blackrulon said...

I am disappointed in Senator Ann Milner, She voted to repeal l the CMV compromise bill. She is also in favor of making school board elections partisan. I really had higher hopes for her.

Ozboy said...

I wouldn't be so quick to put good conduct metals on this pack of rats just yet Rudi. They have a long history of double crossing the public and each other. This CMV fiasco is just one incident in a long line of sneaky tactics. They will be back in future sessions to negate any little morsel of power they might have given the voting public with this compromise. The only way for the public to have a chance against this cabal is to go the petition route once and for all and get the primary election thing enshrined in the state constitution where they can't monkey wrench it in future legislative sessions. They are not to be trusted and they have proven it many times in the past.

Dan S. said...


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