Tuesday, February 03, 2015

2015 Utah Legislative News Roundup: State Legislature Gives Needy Utahns and Public Schools "The Shaft"

Our take? Keep keep on voting Republican, Utah Sheeple

Via Utah political heavyweight  Utah Policy, we'll highlight a few of the more important Weber County Forum-topical stories emerging during the first two weeks of the 2015 Utah legislative session:

1) Utah Republican lawmakers are "working" to come up with their own crackpot alternative to Medicaid expansion:
Despite the potload of federal money that would come to Utah with full medicaid expansion, it appears that Utah GOP legislators are fully prepared to give the bulk of needy Utahns "the shaft":

2) Notwithstanding GOP Rep. Jack Draxler's thoughtful proposed tax bill to boost teacher pay and fund school technology, a legislative committee mercilessly kills this proposal to provide more money for Utah's perpetually underfunded public schools:
Our take:

Keep keep on voting Republican, Utah Sheeple.


rudizink said...

Keep the faith, Utah Teachers! http://www.flickspire.com/m/BBF/MakeADifference?lsid=e0837d5621b2cc5c8411560d4a3e163f

Ozboy said...

I visited the Capitol a while back.
Such a stately building,
So devoid of statesmen.

Amy Steed Morgan said...


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