Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Salt Lake Tribune: Study: Utah’s Mike Lee Is Most Extreme Senator

As to today's WCF history lesson... You're welcome

In the interest of provoking a "wee" bit of WCF discussion, perhaps, we'll highlight Interesting pair of stories, which have been floating around the internet over the course of the past few days, concerning Utah's tea-party (crackpot) champion Mike Lee, who'll be standing for election again in 2016.  In the context of our continuing Weber County Forum discussions of Senator Lee, we're certain that nothing contained below will be a surprise to anyone:
Just to add a little addition intigue, however, we'll highlight this fascinating background info from the latter story, wherein our Gentle Readers mayevebn  yet find a few surprises in store:
    Lee’s score of .991 makes him the most conservative Senator ever from Utah. Barber said that, to find the next most conservative Utah Senator, one must go back to the state’s founding.
    “The next closest legislator was actually the first senator who ever served from Utah or one of the first (since there were two), Sen. [Arthur] Brown,” he said. “He served from 1896 to 1897. He had a score of .812.

    And here's the kicker, folks, which might bring along a few surpises.  Seems that, unlike esteemed "conservative" Utah Senator Arthur Brown, Senator Lee has not yet been murdered by his mistress:
    As to today's WCF history lesson... You're welcome, Gentle WCF Readers

    And... speaking about ultra conservative, wing-nut Senator Mike Lee?  We'll be keeping our ear to the ground, awaiting future "conservative" news developments.


    RM said...

    Gayle Ruzika is vehemently opposed to the death with dignity bill. She thinks that death with agony is just a part of life to be appreciated. She said it in an interview.

    Johnny B said...

    I hope they put the prison in Plain City right next to Senator Jenkins house. As far as Mr Ruzika goes, I hope he gets his wish.

    blackrulon said...

    One can hope that neither Ms. Ruzika or anyone she cares for has to suffer a death with agony to appreciate life.

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