Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fox 13 News: Political Experts Talk About Potential Race Between Sen. Mike Lee and Former Utah Gov. Jon Hunstman Jr. - Updated

Huntsman v. Lee? This could get interesting...

Tantalizing morning story via Fox 13 News:
SALT LAKE CITY — A potential showdown in the Utah political landscape could have national implications.
There were reports Monday that former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. could be a candidate for State Senate in 2016, running against incumbent Sen. Mike Lee.
Political experts at the Hinkley Institute of Politics say if this campaign with both Huntsman and Lee happens, it could be one of the biggest, most watched, closely followed races in the country both locally and nationally.
Check out the embedded video, folks:

Read the full story here:
Update 2/17/15 12:43 p.m.: Huntsman v. Lee? This could be interesting...
Don't let the cat get your tongues...

Update 2/18/15 8:00 a.m.: Alas, the Trib reports that "former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman says he's being courted to run against Sen. Mike Lee, but he isn't planning a bid to oust the Utah senator in 2016."
"Bottom line, not likely," Huntsman said in a short email to The Salt Lake Tribune. "Maybe next time!!" he added, using two exclamation points.
Looking at the bright side, it appears that he hasn't completely ruled it out.


Ozboy said...

Welllll, Huntsman HAS apparently ruled out running against that phony punk Lee. So much for the talking heads/political experts quoted in the Snews papers you linked.

Woulda made an interesting race though.

I'm rooting for Thomas Wright to run against Lee. I think he could win it. For those who are not hip to Wright, he is the former state GOP chairman, has his head on straight, not full of shit like practically every other Republican in the State and most likely the only actual Statesman the party has left in these parts.

Danny said...

They need to find somebody to run against Lee who needs the money - Huntsman doesn't.

The money people don't like Lee because he doesn't return their calls and do their bidding like they are used to.

Liberals don't like Lee because he isn't a phony conservative like so many Republicans are.

blackrulon said...

Would the money people whose telephone calls Lee didn't return include the people who held his home mortage loan?

Danny said...

Lee returns their calls, just not in the way in which they are accustomed, neither as quickly as Bennett and Leavitt did, nor from the kneeling position.

blackrulon said...

The people who held his mortage, which he defaulted on. would have preferred he send in the mortage payment.

Danny said...

... yeah, Tom Wright, high end real estate salesman.


.... because what we need in Utah is more real estate guys in power.

I know Lee used to be a lawyer, which isn't great either, but good luck preserving our natural environment with a real estate guy in there.

Danny said...

It was nice to see, in one of the articles, Jon Huntsman Jr. waving to the camera from his limo. Because silver-spoon elitist heirs are what we need more of in Washington. And I hear Josh Romney is thinking about running - he's the son of corporate robber-baron Mitt! His qualifications also include knowing how to spend trust fund money.

But speaking of Jon Huntsman Sr, check this out.


Jon Senior is hardly recognizable. He's old, fat, and hideous. So the addled, rich, sickening fatman doesn't like Lee either, huh? All the better. All the better.

Ozboy said...

I would totally agree with you on the real estate hustler point of view. The real estate people in the state legislature are very bad news and have way too much power in how this state is run - in my opinion. However I have done some deals with Wright and found him to be scrupulously honest and quite politically liberal (for a Republican anyway). He is not into all that Tea Party extremism BS - which is why he no longer is the State Party Chairman. He gave it up because the crazies ended up with way to much power in the party.
Given that we are gonna have a Republican in all these offices anyway, I would much prefer an intelligent and moderate one like Wright than an extreme ideological punk like Lee any day.

Who do you suggest? It appears you don't like anyone with money, which in today's political climate seems to be mandatory.

Also am puzzled by your contempt for Huntsman Senior, a guy who has, and continues, to give his zillions away to Cancer research and many other very worthy causes to alleviate suffering in the poor. How does that make him a bad guy?

Danny said...


My issue is not money, but those who have money who think they should run everything. I feel JH Sr. falls into that category - not just rich, but elitist. I don't fault him for his success, which for all I know was on the level (unlike Romney who basically stole it). And I appreciate him for giving a small percentage of it away, even if he did insist on plastering his name on everything.

As far as Wright, we probably agree. Honesty to me, is important. That's something I like about Lee too. He's been beaten up a lot, but he has held true to what he ran on. But these real estate guys (Wright) never saw anything that they didn't want to put condos on. I will never vote for one of them. Preserving the environment and natural places is paramount for me.

And to come together, I would offer that I would vote for Matheson over any of the Republicans who have been mentioned here (other than Lee).

blackrulon said...

Really? You are so desperate to attack the Huntsman family you pick on Seniors appearance.

blackrulon said...

True to what he ran on? He ran on opposing the financial bailout, which included the TARP program. The same program he used when he short sold his home with the taxpayers left to pick up the difference.

Danny said...


Danny said...

Nah. Read my comments above. He does give some money away in exchange for plastering his name all over everything, so that's nice.

But Huntsman Sr. is a creepy, twisted elitist. I probably should have pointed that out first before I noted that he looks like one.

And desperate? I haven't been desperate in years.

blackrulon said...

"a creepy twisted elist". As opposed to the Koch brothers? You are scraping the bottom in searching for reasons to criticize Huntsman.

Ozboy said...

Actually Wright is the rare real estate hustler who isn't all about putting condo's on every square inch of land. In fact a deal I did with him was all about preserving a large block of historical land and saving it from the condoists.

I agree with you on Matheson, although he is a bit Republican light for my tastes. I do recognize that if were not like that he would never get elected here in Right Wing Republican territory.

I still thing Lee is a phony punk! And Huntsman Sr. is giving a lot more than "a small percentage" of his mountain of cash away. His stated goal is to give it all away before he dies. (I'm sure he will leave a few measly hundreds of millions for his heirs though!)

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