Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Breaking: Utah House Agrees To Hear Governor's Medicaid Plan

Time to put the fire to the these cold-hearted Republicans' feet

Hot off the press from the Standard-Examiner:
SALT LAKE CITY — Utah’s Republican controlled-House of Representatives has reversed course and decided to consider Gov. Gary Herbert’s Medicaid plan, despite comments from the Republican House speaker that the measure had no support and would not be heard.
A panel that assigns bills to House committees sent Herbert’s Medicaid proposal and a House alternative forward on Tuesday, setting up both proposals for a hearing this week.
Read up. Peeps:
Join the Rally to Support the Healthy Utah Plan, which would provide affordable health insurance to 126,000 Utahns. Contact your crackpot Rupublican House Legislators, folks:
Time to put the fire to the these cold-hearted Republicans' feet, wethinks.


Ozboy said...

This "alternative plan" being put forth by the integrity and morally challenged Republicans in the House, all who have first class and tax payer funded health insurance, is pure unadulterated bull shit! It proposes putting a highly reduced number of poor folks into the PCN. The problem is that the PCN is an incredibly bare bones program that has huge limits on what it will cover, there are practically no diagnostics or modern treatments that it will cover, it is notorious at paying providers less than what it costs them to provide and there are next to no providers who will even accept it - leaving those folks with very little hope of being reasonably or adequately treated.
It is also doubtful if this BS would even pass muster with the feds, thus not addressing the $800 million a year that Utah tax payers are sending on a one way trip to Washington.
Another sleazy scam from your GOP.

blackrulon said...

It has come to this. There has to be a mass uprising to even get the Utah House to agree to hold a hearing. There should be no praise for them. We had to beg them to do their damm job.

BlueSky said...

FWIW, I wrote to Dixon Pitcher and he replied that he is in favor of Healthy Utah (or at least having a hearing, I wasn't sure), but as of last week only 14 or 15 House members agreed with him.

rudizink said...

My House Rep, Gage Froerer, replied to my own email, responding that he also favors Healthy Utah.

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