Tuesday, March 24, 2015

National Journal: Why Is Utah's Top GOP Strategist Trying to Take Down the Governor?

Dave Hansen, a former Republican Party chairman and adviser to Orrin Hatch and Mia Love, is working for Gov. Gary Herbert's likely challenger
Do I think that Utah's been doing well? Yes. Do I think it's been because of who was serving in the governor's office? I don't know necessarily that's true. I think that the legislature, I think the entrepreneurs and the business people in the community probably have a greater responsibility for the economic stability that we have here in this state. And I think that Jonathan can continue to make sure that Utah prospers, and I think with some new ideas and some fresh ideas will help.
Dave Hansen, Jonathan Johnson Campaign Manager
Why Is Utah's Top GOP Strategist Trying to Take Down the Governor?
March 22, 2015

[Herbert] is about as untouchable as it comes.I guess I'm sure Jonathan would tell you with a straight face that he's in it to win it, but right now I feel like it's completely out of his hands.
Kirk Jowers, director of the Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah.
Why Is Utah's Top GOP Strategist Trying to Take Down the Governor?
March 22, 2015

Interesting story concerning the Utah Governor's race, as we gear up for the upcoming 2016 Utah General Election. It seems that our "conservative-lite" Utah Governor is already experiencing some apparent intra-GOP "teas-party-style" flack, a full 19 months before our November, 2016 vote tallies. Here's the lede, folks:
Utah's Gary Herbert is one of the most popular governors in the country. Republicans adore him in his heavily conservative state. Yet one wealthy Republican is planning to take him on—and Utah's most prominent GOP strategist, Dave Hansen, has joined the effort.
Hansen, a former state party chairman, has spent recent years promoting the Utah GOP establishment. He helped Sen. Orrin Hatch navigate his 2012 primary and managed Mia Love's successful House bid, one of national Republicans' top target races in the country, in 2014. Now, Hansen has signed on to manage the gubernatorial campaign of Overstock.com chairman Jonathan Johnson, who would have to unseat Herbert in the GOP primary.
Hansen said he has nothing against Herbert but a desire for change grounded in his belief that governors should not serve more than two terms, which Herbert hasn't technically done yet. Herbert became governor in 2009 when then-Gov. Jon Huntsman resigned to become the U.S. ambassador to China.
Check out the full story, WCF political wonks:
"An aide who works for Johnson's PAC, Alex Iorg, said Johnson would start fielding interview requests come July or August 'when we get closer to the announcement.' But a well-staffed effort to take down Herbert is well underway, and it has one of Utah's most connected GOP players at the helm," according to Sunday's National Journal story.

This, folks will be an interesting race to watch, wethinks.

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blackrulon said...

When the school voucher bill was repealed by a citizen iniative ballot question didn't the founder of Overstock say that the vote was a test of Utah citizens IQ and that they failed?

Ozboy said...

Dontcha just luvs these power struggles amongst the extreme right wing factions for the "heart" and "soul" (so called) of the Republican party and state of Zion!
Reminds me of the power struggles of the 1930's when the far right wing extremists of Germany did it for real when the SS slaughtered the top leaders of the SA to seize ultimate control over police and political powers.
I am looking forward to a mighty good local Utah production of this old political farce/drama and the current cast of characters rarely fail to deliver great performances, liberal comedic high jinks and plenty of pratfalls.

blackrulon said...

One would like to believe that Gary Herbert, with high positive ratings, would be safe. But lets not forget Olene Walker. She took over as governor when Mikje Leavitt resigned to go work for the Bush adminstration She also enjoyed high approval ratings and garned much praise for her support of public education..But a combination of right wing/Tea party type republicans declined to renominate her for Governor at the 2004 GOP convention.

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