Monday, March 16, 2015

Neglected Good News from the 2015 Utah Legislature

Keep on voting Republican, Utah Sheeple

In the aftermath of Thursday night's 2015 Utah legislature closing gavel, here are a couple of recently-neglected stories which deserve some attention, wethinks. Seems that despite a flurry of proposed bills to "kill" our Republican dominated state legislature's landmark SB54, the original 2014 corrective legislation designed to create a dual track Utah political nomination system remains wholly intact:
The Deseret News provides this politically optimistic story about what's thus coming up for our Utah General Elections in 2016: 
The remaining flies in the ointment?
  • James Evans' Crackpot Utah GOP "Leader" still has the Utah Gop's  silly (and soon to be dismissed) lawsuit pending.
  • The Tea-party dopes in Utah legislature (tea party Weber County legislator Scott Jenkins, for instancc)  will still have the soon-upcoming 2016 Legislation to KILL SB54, once and for all.
Don't let the Cat get yer tongues.  And keep on voting Republican, Utah Sheeple.

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