Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Morning 2015 Utah Legislative News Roundup

Lawmakers can't come to an agreement on Medicaid expansion. Legislators approve a gas tax hike. Public schools end the 2015 session as big winners

Via Utah Policy, and upon last night's conclusion of the 2015 Utah regular legislative session, here are this morning's "top ten headlines," folks:
  • Lawmakers are unable to come to an agreement on Medicaid expansion. Gov. Gary Herbert announces they will continue working on the issue and sets a July 31 deadline to come up with a plan [Utah PolicyTribuneDeseret News].
  • Gov. Herbert recaps the 2015 session with us and discusses what legislation he's eyeing for a veto [Utah Policy].
  • Lawmakers get a hike in the gas tax through the legislature just under the wire [Tribune].
  • Public schools end the session with more than $500 million in new money [Deseret News].
  • Here are some of the minor budget items lawmakers spent taxpayer money on this year [Utah Policy].
  • A bill requiring the full legislature to sign off on relocating the state prison wins final approval and heads to the governor [Deseret News].
  • Legislators are unable to find common ground on school board elections, leaving how candidates are nominated in limbo [Tribune].
  • Lawmakers approve a pay raise for the governor and other executive offices [Deseret NewsTribune].
  • Gov. Herbert signs the non-discrimination bill during a packed ceremony at the Capitol [TribuneDeseret News].
  • Minority report. Rep. Brian King wraps up the 2015 from the perspective of Utah's minority party [Utah Policy].
Don't let the cat get your tongues...


RM said...

I wonder if their sessions were longer, would they accomplish more or just screw us over more.

Johnny B. said...

WTH? No state insect?

blackrulon said...

Imagine the benefits they would bestow on themselves if they were in session longer.

RM said...

Don't forget $2,000,000 for the lobbyist who hasn't documented what he's done with the first million $ supposedly spent to protect jobs by making sure the Sage Grouse is not on the endangered list. "Documentation would give away our plans to the opposition"? Really?

Johnny B. said...

I couldn't find Senator Jenkins bill (S.B. 45 Crossbow Hunting Provisions) on the passed list so I guess he will have to use his elephant gun to kill deer. Although they could have combined it with the firing squad bill. Who knows?

BlueSky said...

The Box Elder bug would be an obvious choice.

BlueSky said...

Re: Medicare (lack of) expansion. Some wishful thinking on my part.

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