Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Wednesday Morning 2015 Utah Legislative News Roundup

Teachers rally at the Capitol for more education funding. Medical marijuana legislation narrowly dies in the Senate. Lawmakers still looking for a compromise on Medicaid expansion.

Via Utah Policy, here are this morning's "top ten headlines," folks:
  • The House will hold a committee meeting on Healthy Utah and their competing Medicaid expansion plan Wednesday night [Deseret NewsTribune].
  • Gov. Gary Herbert says he's not yet sold on a compromise over Healthy Utah [Utah Policy].
  • The Utah Senate sends the medical marijuana bill for a final vote in their body [TribuneDeseret News].
  • A proposed overhaul of Utah's criminal justice system passes the Utah House and heads to the Senate [TribuneDeseret News].
  • Legislators are trying to find common ground on raising Utah's gas tax to increase funding for roads [Utah PolicyDeseret News].
  • The Utah House kills an attempt by Rep. Brian King to set limits on campaign donations [Utah PolicyTribuneDeseret News].
  • A Senate panel advances a "constitutional carry" gun bill that's identical to one vetoed by Gov. Herbert in 2013. Herbert says he would veto the bill again if it gets to his desk [Utah PolicyTribune].
  • The Senate advances two measures changing state school board elections while the House kills a proposal making those elections non-partisan [Tribune].
  • A House committee approves legislation exempting some wood-burning stoves from state clean air regulations [TribuneDeseret News].
  • A new report confirms Utah is headed toward a big shortfall in transportation funding unless lawmakers do something to fix the problem [TribuneDeseret News].
Don't let the cat get your tongues...


Ozboy said...

Maybe Danny, but not as good as torches and pitchforks would. Or even more intimidating to these wienies would be if the bulk of Utah voters started to look beyond the "R" next to a candidate's name on the ballot.

Danny said...

Actually, I think emails, letters and protests work better. The personality of most in politics is a keen desire to be liked. People need to realize that emails and letters really do make difference, and they should express their feelings to their elected officials. I appreciate finding out about this issue here, and I did contact my representatives. Voting is fine, but emails and letters are better!

blackrulon said...

It should be noted that Dixon Pitcher did not vote in favor of Healthy Utah when it was assigned to the House Business and Labor Committee.

Ozboy said...

You are right on that Danny. However, I think they are also driven by ego and the power & prestige of holding office.

I also sent my representative an email in support of Healthy Utah. He answered right away with an arrogant and condescending reply that basically said I didn't know anything about it, that the Governor and Senate were not competent or well enough versed in the subject to have a legitimate position, and that only the house had the true knowledge of what it was all about and what the implications of passing it would be. He also defended the house's right to make this decision in private!

Needless to say I will never vote for him and will donate to, and advocate for, who ever his next opponent is.

rudizink said...

Specifically, Oz, who is your House Rep?

Ozboy said...

The last I checked it was an empty suit with an "R" by his name and a Temple recommend in his pocket.

rudizink said...

Yep. That pretty muich describes the Utah House of Representaitives, dunnit?

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