Friday, March 06, 2015

Salt Lake Tribune: Dems Force Healthy Utah Vote in House, igniting Fight with GOP

Read the House vote tally "scoreboard," and weep, O Gentle Ones!

Following up on our recent stories concerning Governor Herbert's Healthy Utah Medicaid expansion plan, which is still suffering stubborn leadership opposition in the Utah House of Representatives, we'll shine the spotlight on yesterday's "gutsy" Democratic Party members'  parliamentary procedural maneuver, which forced a "mini" House show of hands, concerning the question of bringing Healthy Utah up for a full House floor debate and vote.

Here's the lede, peeps:
House Democrats made a bold but unsuccessful move Thursday night to revive Gov. Gary Herbert's "Healthy Utah" plan to expand Medicaid for the poor — and ignited a small war with infuriated House Republicans.
While the attempt failed, Democrats did manage to get a recorded vote that put all House members on the record as essentially a friend or foe of Healthy Utah. The attempt died 16-56.
Read the full story, folks:
Sadly, yesterday's vote tally does not yet appear on the Utah Legislative website.  Thanks to Utah House Representative Mark Wheatley, however, we've grabbed from his twitter feed a photo of yesterday's House vote tally "scoreboard," which clearly shows (for the record)  how each individual Utah House Rep voted, on the narrow question of whether the Governor's Healthy Utah Plan should be brought to the House floor, for discussion, at least:

While House Speaker Hughes has been fighting like a badger, to prevent individual House members from "going on the record" regarding SB164, Senator Shiozawa's Healthy Utah bill, we invite all interested WCF readers to examine this photo, and determine your own House Representative's "true colors," with respect to this bill, which is arguably the most important legislation which has arisen in the Utah Legislature in years.

Read 'em and weep, Healthy Utah proponents. And be sure to write it down so you don't forget it WCF political wonks, inasmuch as reliable sources inform us that we have a new  Utah general election coming up in November 2016.

Added Bonus:  Via the Trib's Pat Bagley:

Don't let the cat get your tongues...


Johnny B. said...

I would think the mormon bishop of the ward for these no vote dudes would refuse to give them the sacrement this Sunday.

rudizink said...

Let's face it, BR. Dixon Pitcher is a bald-faced L-I-A-R.

blackrulon said...

I just received a email reply(dated March 5th at 11:38) from Dixon Pitcher saying he counted the votes, realized it would lose and then left for his daughters wedding. He said in his email "We will prevail, it is the right thing to do." and his actual record on the Healthy Utah plan.

Ozboy said...

These disingenuous and arrogant Republican pricks in the legislature never fail to amaze me at the stupid stuff they say and do.
Case in point is the clown who raged against the Democrat who forced their hands and votes when he said something to the effect of "Stop wasting our valuable time with this nonsense"

Another recent one is when that total JerkOff Dunnigan introduced his "Utah Cares" bill - AKA "Utah doesn't give a big rat's ass" bill - and he said that the "PCN was really a very good health insurance program". Any one who has paid the minimal amount of attention knows that the PCN is actually a piss poor program by any measure. It begs the question, if the PCN is so damn good, why doesn't the legislature put themselves on it - instead of the gold plated health plan they have given themselves - tax payer funded of course - and for life if they make it ten years in their heavily gerrymandered districts.

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