Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ogden City Council Finds Its Legs

By Dian Woodhouse


It is amazing what a well-functioning local city government can do to boost one’s personal feelings of well-being. In fact, I am even currently experiencing warm and friendly thoughts towards the Boyer company for choosing “The Junction” as the name for the new downtown development. Score one for unity and working together-- those two concepts we all advocate but which happen in reality much less than one would like.

I attended the city council/RDA meeting last night, and thought I’d jot down a few things for those interested. It was a good meeting. As always, if I have made any mistakes in the following, corrections will be most appreciated.

It began with a presentation of Boyer’s plan for Phase 1 of the development by Greg Montgomery and later, John Gochner. It is important to note that this Phase 1 was the only portion up for approval last night--I had misunderstood this and thought that Boyer was to present its Grand Plan. But Phase 1 was what was presented. It is only the south part of the site, between 23rd and 24th streets, and the Plan has been somewhat revised.

The most important revision, I think, was the addition of more residential units. There will be 176 units fronting Washington Boulevard with more in the back, and street level units are also included--a change from retail on the ground level and residential above. This is actually more in sync with the original ideas from 2002 which emphasized “mixed use.” These complexes are three-sided and built around courtyards, in which will be parking. The idea here is maximum usage of available space--instead of having a row of fronts facing the street and parking in the back, there will be triangles of fronts with parking in the middle. Which is an interesting way to do this, I think.

Councilwoman Jeske asked what the comparison was to the retail units in the old mall with those in the new plan, and the answer was that the square footage dedicated to retail had been cut down by these residential units. There were 125 stores in the old mall, and with the planned square footage now being 233,000 square feet, it seemed to be a bit less than half, although no number was given. Mention was made that retail could also spring up around the development--on the east side of Washington and other surrounding areas, in response to the development, and this was hoped to happen.

Councilman Glasmann asked about the parking situation, and the answer was that parking would be roughly the same as in the 2002 plan. Parking in general was discussed extensively, since there is a bit less than is customarily allocated. But Mr. Montgomery brought up the fact that those living there might decide to keep only one car, as everything will be close and pedestrian oriented, and as for visitors to the residential units, the office parking will be available in the evenings when most of this visiting would occur.

There was also much discussion concerning the development wishing to be favorable to the Eccles Conference Center. It seemed that this was a priority of Boyer’s, which viewed increased bookings there as a mutual benefit to both the center and the development. Councilwoman Jeske asked if there were plans for another hotel in the development, since if the conference center functioned at capacity, we would not have enough hotel rooms. The answer to this was--not at this time, although this might be an option for Phase 2.

A very interesting part of this discussion was that evidently the plans include, at some future time, a median strip in the middle of Washington Boulevard. At this time, this concept does not include parking on this strip, and efforts will be made to slow the traffic on Washington by its presence, and also via curving the sidewalks out at the corners, as has been done on 25th Street, and perhaps also in the middle of the blocks to increase pedestrian access.

Citizen comment was almost unanimously in favor of this plan for Phase 1. Dave Hardman, the current president of the Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce, stated that, “We will never return to the retail magnitude we had in the early 80’s and 90’s,” and that therefore, the mixed use concept was a good one. He also mentioned that Earnshaw, a condominium developer at the site, has possibly sold all retail, all commercial, and all residential units in his building.

The manager of the Hampton Inn spoke and gave some interesting input, which was that hotel occupancy in Ogden had been down for the last three years, and that we are currently running at about a 50% occupancy rate. This development would raise that, obviously. He also stated that exciting things are happening at the old Ben Lomond hotel---that it would be "restored to its glory days of the 20’s and 30’s." I have no idea if he was speaking literally or figuratively here--but evidently there is something about to happen with that property that is positive.

Scott Parkinson from the Bank of Utah spoke also, mentioning that the corporate headquarters of that bank are here in Ogden, a fact that I did not know, and that they are solidly in favor of this project.

Virginia Hernandez cited the concern she had over not knowing whether the residential units would be exclusive to only some people or accessible to all. She spoke strongly in favor of diversity in the development, and is organizing some town meetings at which this topic will be gone into.

The motion to approve the plan for Phase 1 was made eloquently by Councilman Glasmann, seconded by Councilman Safsten, passed unanimously, and applauded.

Then the City Council convened. A few interesting things here--McKonkie, entering the budget for review, mentioned that Ogden can probably dedicate no new project areas for redevelopment, because a city can only collect increment on 10% ot taxable property and Ogden is currently hovering at 8.27%. He also mentioned old commitments between the city and the RDA that needed to be addressed.

Councilman Glasmann asked if there were a figure as to the overall debt on RDA projects, and was referred to the report, dated June 30th, 2005, which stated the third party debt as $12,875,000. Revenue streams are currently directed toward paying this, and there seems to be no problem with it currently. There was also “passthrough” debt, mentioned above, payment of which is contingent on inflows. Two figures were mentioned here--$515.000 and $119,000. There may have been more in the budget report itself.

Other business included the council approval of the appointment of Cindi Mansell to the position of Ogden City Recorder, the moving of funds from contingency to legal for the RDA, a thank you from the council, presented by Councilwoman Wicks, to all of those who participated in the site naming effort, (especially since the namec chosen was “one of ours,” too,) and a general plea that more individuals from the Hispanic community get involved in attending the meetings. I would certainly agree with that last, especially. Councilwoman Wicks also asked when construction for the rec center would begin, and the answer, by John Patterson, was that although much was going on “behind the scenes,” no construction was apparent, and a start date was currently unknown.

By far, the most important thing about this meeting to me was that the Ogden City Council/RDA seemed to have found its legs. Not as a rubber stamp organization, but as a well-functioning group of people who individually all think for themselves and also function smoothly as a governing body. Perhaps the difference between opposition, (which is fine, and allowable,) and infighting, (which is only destructive,) has been pinned down and dealt with. Possibly this feeling was in large part due to the fact that Phase 1 of the project was finally, at long last, given a green light. Or that it was Valentine’s Day or something. But whatever it was, there was a feeling there last night that things have finally come together and we’re on our way. This would be good.

Update 5/15/06 3:35 p.m. MT: A totally exciting addendum to meeting is that it was stated by Montgomery that the Episcopal Church will be able to purchase what it wishes, and it is also being considered to turn the two story planned building to the east of it to a one story one in order to allow light into the historic chapel window. Negotiations are in progress on this. -D.

Comments, anyone?


Anonymous said...


You're being duped. Do I sense that you are suddenly thinking that all of what is happening in Ogden is Good to Go? Had the election gone the other way, everything that happened last night would have gone just the same.

Did you get the statements that seemed to assume that the Gondola was an inevitable addition to our community?

Have you been following the addition to Rossignol to Ogden?

Have you been following the relationship between Chris Peterson and Boyer?

If all of this happens, then what's the difference between the new City Council and the Old City Council? Would it be only a difference in tactics, not a difference in results? We'd still end up doing all the same things, we'd just do them in a way that is presumably more palletable to us than they way it had been done in the past.

If the result is the same...they why the big huff over how great our new city council is? If the result is the same, why did we claim victory?

We didn't elect these guys to see all of this happen in our community. We elected them to stop it!

That is why Bill needn't appologize for Ernest! He did his job. He did want we elected him to do: STOP THE MAYOR'S PLANS.

If everything is still marching forward, then what gives? If we Weber County Forum guys are going to begin agreeing just because it is our guys voting "Yea" rather than someone else voting "Yed", then what's the difference?

We don't want this stuff here. It is elitist. It is special interest oriented. It is in accordance with the "rubber stampers" and the Mayor's original plans.

This isn't what we set out to do.

If our only contribution is to elect a city council that asked a couple of good questions about parking, gondola routes, and the like, then what's to say that the previous group would'nt have asked the same questions. And, even if they would not have asked those questions, would it really change the course and direction of Ogden in favor of "The People" rather than in favor of "The Mayor and His Business Interests"?

What gives!

Anonymous said...


Did you get Bill G's B.S. statement of appreciation for Kent J's expertise in bringing this all to fruition?

We called them "idiots"! We called them "rubber stampers"! We called them "elitists"! We called them "Mayor Followers"! We called them "irresponsible"! --- Then, we voted for their plan and praised them for bringing it to fruition!

Yuk! What is the difference between us and them? Where did our teeth go? All bark, no bight. In fact, we just became them.

I guess if you ask a few "probing questions" that change nothing or offer nothing very consequencial just before you vote "YES", then you are not a rubber stamper.

How fickle we are. We put them in office only to satisfy our own egos! "I liked it all along, so long as Bill G voted for it rather than Ken J." --- Shees!

Anonymous said...


Did you catch Mitch Moyes? He stood up there and agreed! I guess its unanymous! Now that we agree and Mitch Moyes put is stamp of approval on it, its all OK!

Where have all the good men gone?

RudiZink said...

Geebus, people. Take a "lude."

We'll see what the new council does the next time something substantive comes up. The Gang o' Six Council approved the Boyer agreement and the rec center deal. The new council is stuck with these arrangements. All they can do now is make the best of it.

There ARE some interesting things coming up that will test the new council's character and mettle. I'll report on these things when the time is ripe.

In the meantime, LaMaze through it, gentle readers.

This is NOT the anti-Godfrey blog.

It WILL remain the anti-stupidity, anti-hypocricy blog its always been.


Curmudgeon said...

I would be curious to know how the gondola came up at either meeting. [Was it in the RDA meeting or the Council meeting?] Who raised it and in what context? Can you fill me in on that?

Anonymous said...

Tell that to Bill when he praises Kent J. for all the good work he did in bringing the Rec Center to this point!

Its one thing to unanimously vote in Boyer's plan out of necessity; but it is quite another to embrace it as an important step forward for Ogden, buy into all of the hype that it is going to bring in a lot of people that will require new hotels and the like, and sit back as silly comments are made about the inevitability of a Gondola and a West Side Resort that will presumably magnify some ill-conceived/deranged form of high adventure success that we all know is a lie, a pipe dream and only benefits a few people in this community.

Don't get dupped into believing in the Vision! It's a criminal enterprise. what you can to make the best of the malaise that has been created. Please don't buy into the idea that it is going to do great things. If you do, then you'll find yourself spewing the same kind of false optimism and lies that we hear coming from the Lift Ogden retards!

RudiZink said...

"Did you get Bill G's B.S. statement of appreciation for Kent J's expertise in bringing this all to fruition?"

No. Show me where that appears in Dian's article.

Step back from the keyboard and wipe the foam off your mouth, anonymous.

Anonymous said...


Bill G is our guy! We pushed for his election. Now he's praising Ken Jorgenson for all his great work in bringing all of this great B.S. to our town?

Hipocrisy!!! If we're going to be a place where hypocrisy isn't, then we should acknowledge the fact that this whole thing is ill-conceived and not begin to flush more $$$ down the toilet discussing the need for new hotels to handle all of the people that are coming here. They are not comming. Jeske knew it would flop and still does! Why is she pretending that we need more hotels to handle all of the people.

Be careful! We're beginning to look like the biggest hypocrits of all. The old city council believed in what they were doing and pushed it. That's not hipocrisy. That is stupidity!

The new city council knows its a flop, praises the old city council for bringing it to reality and begins discussing the need for more parking and more hotels to handle all the hords of visitors that are coming our way. They don't even roll their eyes when Boyer and the boys begin discussing the Gondola as if it is going up tomorrow! THIS IS THE EPITOME OF HYPOCRICY AND STUPIDITY!!!!

We can't lose our way. We have to stop this stuff, not blow it up so big that we never get out from under it. We'll get burried in the $$$ pit that we all know is bearing down on us.

We can't be duped! Just because Bill G said the same thing that Ken J said doesn't mean its all OK now.

Why is this hypocricy being labeled as "Ogden City Council Finding its legs"?

RudiZink said...

I dunno, anonymous.

Mebbe you should talk to the nurse about increasing your meds.

You seem to be getting a lot out of Dian's article that wasn't there.

Anonymous said...

I'll try to get proof about Bill. You acknowledged Jeske's statements about the need for more hotels in anticipation of the "Big Win" that is coming our way. Why ask the question when she knows that this isn't going to work? We don't need another hotel. Why will more people come to our conference center? Has Jeske suddenly become a convert to the idea that the mall plan/rec center is going to be a draw and that our conference center is suddenly going to operate at capacity. NO she isn't a convert---she being hypocritical and political.

Anonymous said...


The fact is, they voted the same way the old city council did, and their fake optimism that the infrastructure of the city is going to need a more robust posture in order to handle all the business and people that are going to roll through the door is just plane funky. To say that they got their legs is funky too. Exactly what did they do last night that indicated a real departure from the rubber stampers that preceded them? They sounded virtually identical to them. The old regime's attitudes were based in stupidity, and the new regime's attitudes last night were based in political grand standing so as to avoid some kind of back lash to their so called "hostility toward business." They know it isn't going to work, and the new city council simply placated to the Mayor and his blind/self-serving supporters. You are sounding as though you are breaking down and doing the same.

How am I suddenly a crazy person when I'm simply resonnating what we've been talking about for the past year?

Rod Serling said...

Here's something special for you, anonymous:

Special background music for anonymous

Curmudgeon said...

Several points:

First, on hotels and conference centers, Anon. may be a bit confused, though I was not there and did not hear Ms. Jeske's comments. Cities often add hotel space in order to make a conference center more attractive to conference bookers. An absence of sufficient hotel rooms close by can cost a center substantial business. I don't know if the OCC and the city and the rest of the hotels would benefit from added hotel space adjoining the CC, but the suggestion that they might is not, on its face, a silly one. Needs some research, I would say. It may be a smart move, it may not.

Now, on to Boyer and the gondola/gondola scheme. IF the Boyer rep was presenting the G/G scheme as a done deal, then it is a matter of some concern. Why? Because the Mayor presents it as a done deal to prospective businesses thinking of relocating. Because the new Ogden promotional video presents at least the up-mountain leg as a done deal. Because, I believe, even members of the Ogden business community [and I think of the Chamber of Commerce as well] have become nervous at Hizzonah's presenting it as a done deal, lest the city lose credibility when it pitches new companies if the gondola/gondola scheme is not realized.

Permit me to note that the outgoing city council, presumed by nearly everyone to be much more favorable to Hizzonah's development wet dreams like the city gondola than the present council, had to issue a public statement making it plain that the Council had not only NOT approved of the plan, it had not received information on the gondola/gondola scheme or on Mr. Peterson's Malan's Basin development plans sufficient to permit it even to being considering the proposals.

So, if Boyer and Co. presented the scheme as a done deal, that is a serious matter.

Rudi, can you fill us in on how the gondola/Gondola scheme came up last night, in what context, and what comments were made with respect to it?

Moroni McConkie said...

You cats notice how the Trib crushed the competition (that's Sandusky, Ma'am) today in its coverage of the RDA meeting? Sandusky is choking itself to death with such sub-standard coverage; it may as well be a bush-league team that "hardly tries anymore." Only the Trib bothered to reveal the fabulous news about the Good Shepherd's green light to purchase the land abutting Kiesel. Now THAT'S reason to pop the corks. I almost dare to think the email campaign helped. Thank you, Ogden City; bravo.

dian said...

Uh, hello? I wrote the article anonymous seems to be having a problem with. The poor blogmeister.

Will address these comments and concerns.

I arrived when the meeting was already in progress, although it was around 5 PM. I heard nothing from Boyer or the council about gondolas. I did hear a comment that there would possibly be mass transit down 23rd Street.

Bob Ballentyne, who has a letter in today's Standard advocating a gondola, spoke in favor of it as a citizen comment, and I think the manager of the Hampton Inn also mentioned it, also as a citizen comment.

Rossignol is considering moving its distribution center to BDO. Distribution center. Warehouse sort of thing, I would guess. Their corporate headquarters are still to be in Park City. A comment was made as an aside that the distribution center coming here might not be a sure thing.

I am unaware of any relationship between Chris Peterson and Boyer. Not saying there isn't one, just that I don't know of one, and this relationship was not a topic at last night's meeting.

Bill Glasmann saw Kent Jorgenson in the room, welcomed him to the meeting, and stated that he knew Kent had spent a lot of time on the project. Nothing wrong with being courteous.

During the discussion regarding the mutual benefit to both the project and the Eccles Conference Center if both were to succeed, Dorrene Jeske inquired if Boyer had plans for another hotel on the site and was told no, not at this time.

Now. I have e-mailed rudi the drawing of Phase 1, which was approved last night, and he might post it if he feels so inclined. If he does, you will see that Phase 1 is the land between 23rd and 24th street. The recreation center is on the other side of 23rd and was not mentioned, nor was the cineplex, although it is drawn in in draft form.

I think we're okay.

Dorothy Littrell said...

The employment contract Mayor Godfrey gave to Stuart Reid to manage BDO properties needs more study.

One paragraph that newspaper reporters failed to comment on was the provision that the Contractor, Stuart Reid, must carry $1 million in liability insurance to protect Ogden City against any damages ocurring from any act by Contractor.

The premium on the $1 million insurance coverage was paid by Ogden City with the provision that the premium was additional compensation to Contractor.

In the newspaper accounts of the package to Reid did anyone see the cost of the insurance premium included as part of the compensation package?

How many more little goodies were not mentioned nor included in the total?

Curmudgeon said...

Thank you for the clarification.

ozboy said...

What happened to the grand major league hotel, with the gondola stop in the lobby, that Godfrey has been promising any body and everybody? You know, the one that he has been in secret negotiations with for the last couple of years. The one he couldn't tell us about because of the delicate negotiations.

We all know that he doesn't lie, so where's the beef - er - hotel?

Just because Glasmann was courteous to his defeated opponent doesn't mean he has joined the Godfreyite movement - does it?

Just because Glasmann praises Boyer doesn't mean that he has "sold out". Hey, having Boyer run the deal is one hell of a lot better than having the incompetent Godfrey/Reid combine doing it! I think Glasmann is just doing his best to make the best out of a very bad situation. He, and the new council inherited this turkey and they owe it to Ogden to make it a success if they can. Supporting the damn thing now that it is inevitable is a lot different than what the old council did, which is lie, manipulate and force this thing through regardless of the consequences.

Glasmann, Jeske and Stephens did not run against Godfrey, they ran for common sense in government, and it seems that they are going in that direction.

I am curious tho on just how a hundred and seventy five or so new apartments in down town is going to work when 2 blocks away, on two bit street, the 40 Union Square condo's are still sitting dark and empty?

What ever condo's they build there, I sure hope they aint as cheap and tacky as the ones on 25th!

alma hinkley said...

This damn gang of seven, when will they stop rubber stamping the mayor?? We need change on this council....oh wait this is supposed to be our hand picked council....I'm confused.

The Voice of Experience said...

It sounds like anonymous and Alma Hinckley prefer the mud hole between 24th and 22nd Streets to what promises to be a very pleasant community center. Some people are just negative about EVERYTHING and have to rain on everyone's parade. My recommendation is to not take these kind of people seriously as they like to ruin everything.

I was at the RDA/Council meeting last night, and there was a definite sense of hope and excitement there. More than a few people spoke about being excited about the concept that the Boyer Co. revealed, but I did receive more conservative vibes from the Council even though they voted unanimously for it. I read this as a message to the community that they are united and working towards giving Ogden residents a downtown again.

Even though the gondola was mentioned by some last night, the Council did not in any way indicate that one is in the future for Ogden. As I recall, the old Council issued a statement that they had made no decision because they had seen no plans. As for Glasmann, Stephens and Jeske, they have indicated that there would be no taxpayer money used to fund a gondola. They are only three, but by their past performance, I am optimistic that Wicks and Garcia would continue to use good common sense and vote against taxpayer money funding a gondola. I, for one, am encouraged by the actions of this new Council, and have faith in their integrity to do what is right for Ogden. They did that last night -- they gave Ogden a chance to become a City again. I can't believe there are some people who are so negative that they are against that. I'm just grateful that they're not on the Council or Ogden would be doomed to being a mudhole for another 4 years!

Keep up the good work, Council Members! We are depending on you to make the hard, but good decisions that will serve Ogden and its residents well. Things are finally starting to happen and it IS exciting -- don't let the negatives of the world rain on our parade! You did good last night!

The Lovely Jennifer said...

Hey, Rudi
You mind-reader, you. I was thinking the same thing about anonymous having his meds checked. Boy, what a ranter! A hearty Thank You is in order to Dian for setting him straight! I certainly appreciate comments about the city council meetings and the goings-on therein, since I'm not able to attend, and do not always get the whole story by reading the StdEx.

p.s. rudi, I don't think they make "'ludes" anymore - probably because they caused people to rant incessantly about things they know nothing about.

Anonymous said...

I’m sorry but why is everyone all over Anon?

To him this must seem like a scary movie where everyone agrees to pretend that they are not seeing what he is seeing or to pretend like they didn’t hear what he heard. YOUR CRAZY!!!

Were our criticisms of the old city council really done just to get a new city council who:

1) Votes 100% unanimously for Boyer’s Plan.
2) Asks some nice probing questions about Parking.
3) Delivers a brilliant question about the possible need to pack more hotels around the convention center in order to get more conventioneers in town! Shees!!! I guess that is all we needed, more hotels at 50% occupancy. Just one more 50% occupancy hotel, and the convention center will fill up. Brilliant! You’re really getting your legs!
4) Ask a couple of questions about some basic financials.

We’re a smart group, but we’re not Jedi! “Bill Glassmann, Jeske, Garcia…they handled this thing so much better than the old city council would have!” Wave your right hand in front of your face as you say it. You’ll convince Anon that we’ve got something better going on now than we did with the rubber stampers.

Maybe you could convince Anon that the old city council would have:

1) Irresponsibly voted 100% unanimously for Boyer’s Plan.
2) Irresponsibly ask some nice questions about pedestrian foot traffic through the mall.
3) Irresponsibly deliver a brilliant set of questions about the possible need for more restaurants to support the influx of conventioneers in town!
4) Irresponsibly ask a couple of question about some basic marketing plans for encouraging regional recognition of the new Rec Center.

These four questions would have been full-on criminal, irresponsible, rubber stamping and special interest oriented. Rudi—what mind-altering drug would you recommend Anon take so as to help he understand that there is a big difference between what the new city council did and what the old city council was doing? I’ll take it too so that I can move on in life under the delusion that our efforts over the past year really made a difference---that Bill Glassmann/Jesk and Kent Jorgenson/Burdett are 180 degree different and that Bill Glassmann/Jesk is marching us toward victory and civic responsibility as opposed to the irresponsible tact that Jorgenson/Burdett were on!

I really want to know that my life makes a difference.

Anonymous said...


I "am" anon! Anon is Me! It'll just be one guy taking the drug. The question is, are you THE GOOD IN OGDEN or are you THE WEBER COUNTY FORUM? I think I'll be alright once I can differentiate the two and one I get on the right drug so that I can differentiate Bill and Kent.

bonnie lee said...

Yo Anonymous

Lighten up! The good guys won. The battle for common sense in Ogden City government succeeded. Get over it.

Your incessant and illogical rambling is casting a stain on the good guys. Which of course is your motive. It just seems that you could be a little more intelligent in this dumb assed supterfuge you are so lamely attempting. Oh well, the Godfreyites never could shoot straight anyway.

You add nothing to this discussion, go back to MoBoy's site where your ramblings fit in.

Anonymous said...


I agree that the good guys won. I just don't know what the difference is between the good guys and the bad guys. The bad guys voted 100% in favor of all of this and so are the good guys. The bad guys believed that their plan would bring in more business and visitors that would require more hotels, and so do the good guys.

If all that was needed for the bad guys to be good guys was for them to ask a few inconsequential questions about parking and future hotels, then man we made big huff for nothing.

The fact is the good guys won, bit I wish they'd stop acting like the bad guys.

amnby said...

Dear Ozboy,

I hope you'll consider it good news that all of the Union Square condos are either sold or under contract. The closing on my unit is, in fact, later this month. Granted, Ogden had to resort to drastic measures to sell them, but thank God it's done.

Boyer's too smart not to know the problems Ogden had with Union Square, but yes, they've announced over 100 apartments (intended as rentals, I think I read?) for Phase One. I think they're rushing in where angels fear to tread, but I wish them success. As for the 100 block of 25th, I'm highly enthused.


sharon said...

Egads..Anonymous, take a deep breath with a paper sack over your head. You're hyperventilating, dear.

Bob Ballantyne brot up the gondola whilst raphsodizing over the Junction! See his letter in the SE today. Also that other writer who apparently IF he did listen to the CD of the Jan 10 meeting may have a problem with comprehension.

Jeske,Glassman,Stephens, and
Garcia were not elected to the Council to be Against Everything Godfrey!! How assinine is that?
They were elected because they are independent thinkers. If they do what you are ranting about they would be 'rubber stamps' for Anonymous.
Some of your comments make me think you were at the meeting Tues. nite...others make me think you were out in left field.

I hope you and the council and Boyer will seriously consider the suggestions Mitch Moyes gave. I endorsed them also. They were thotful and make a lot of sense.
IF the Conference Center reaches capacity, as anticipated and hoped for, than a Kinko's, coffee shop, sports bar, etc on the south side of the Junction would be a good business move. We hope the hotels will also cater to more business travelers holding conventions, etc. Why not give them some classy places to eat, relax, and have access to office 'staff' like Kinko's??
I think Phase One looks and sounds good, but I am concerned that the propsed retail space is very limited. Mitch reminded us that Larry Miller originally touted a TWO story bldg. Their proposed theatre will take up a LOT of space. We need to be thinking of future growth...and space.
IS he coming? Hasn't signed on the dotted line, has he? Is he waiting to see if the 400 N project fails cuz Boyer won't let a theatre and bookstore, etc be built there??? First dibs to the Junction?? I hope the council won't capitulate to these demands...won't that 'run business' out of town? as Hizzoner likes to accuse?

Thanx, Dian, for a really nice article on the Tues nite doings. I THOT I heard one of the administration mutter, 'they're not coming" when asked about Rosignol. But, another Co. is. Anyone else hear that?
Before we get our kidneys in an uproar...the gondola would take a long time to come to fruition, if ever....RITE NOW OUR FIREFIGHTERS AND POLICE NEED HELP IN DEFEATING SB 229. Don't let Godfrey abolish Civil Service Commissions to punish our firefighters for supporting our 'new' council members. This impacts the fire and police all over Utah. How wickedly punitive. Please contact your representatives ASAP. This is urgent. This rotten bill passed the senate yesterday and is in the HOUSE. I listed 4 rep's on the UK PR article above. Show Godfrey he can't continue to control and manipulate everyone who displeases him. Catch the headline today: Bill on Civil Service "OGDEN ISSUE" passes the SE..what does that tell you? Please think of our brave firefighters and police officers. Our opposition to the gondola can be put on hold for a few days.

I was disappointed that Glassman recognized and thanked Jorgenson. Wasn't it the prerogative of the CHAIR to acknowledge Kent, if he desired? I don't think Bill should have thanked him either. Have you read any of Kent's ravings on the Good in Ogden blog? No reciprocity there!

Otherwise, my hat is off to the council. It is soooo refreshing to hear questions asked! We used to hear 'aye',aye' 'aye', 'aye', and 'aye'. Kudos abound for thinkers.

Email your Representatives....Please!

ozboy said...


I hope you are correctomundo on the Union Square Condo's.

However, the last several times I was on 25th street, the last being Friday evening, the whole place seemed like a ghost town. I walked the block, looked through the gates, and only saw three units that had any lights on. Nowhere did I see any signs of life in those condo's.

It would be great to see 25th street come to life after this twenty years or so of talk about it. My heart goes out to all of the people over the years that have bought into the dream, and in many cases spent their life savings in the shops and restaurants. It would also be nice to see the sub contractors get whole after the Lord Mayor threw them to the wolfs.

I hope things go very well for you with your purchase of one of those condo's. And please, turn the lights on!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for asking me to check to see exactly what kind of appreciation, if any, Bill Glassmann extended toward Kent J. for his work on the rec center---

NOt that Scott Swebske is a credible source but, turns out Bill didn't limit his expression of appreciation to just Kent J. -

"We are in very capable hands with the Boyer Co....I salute everyone who has had a hand in this." -- Bill G.!

The Good Guys got elected, and the Bad Guys went home smiling that their rupper stamping approach to the Mayor's pipe dream will continue!

Go Figure!

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight -

The right side of the argument to be on now is:

1) The Gondola has merit.
2) The Rec Center has merit.
3) The Ski Hub Concept makes sense.
4) Chris Peterson's resort may be a great thing.

Go Mayor Godfrey! You've done it. You've convinced us of the merits of your vision! It took some time, but you did it.

Sorry Rudi. I'm with Fredo, I didn't get the memo that we were now cheering on the Vision!

ozboy said...

Mr. Anonymous

I appreciate any one who appears to oppose the Little Lord Mayor, like you seem to be doing, or are you?

However, I don't think you quite understand what is going on here. I don't see people on this blog saying "The Gondola has merit", but rather they seem to be saying that if it is built with "private" money then what the heck, why not.

They don't seem to be saying "the Rec Center has merit", but that the Rec Center is in fact now going to happen - even tho by nefarious means - so let's get behind it and support Boyer's plan and efforts.

They don't seem to be saying "Chris Peterson's resort may be a great thing", but rather if he builds it with his own "private" money then why not.

And absoulutely none of the "loyal" opposition to the Godfreyites are saying "go Mayor Godfey! You've done it. You've convinced us of the merits of your vision!" I don't think any one has been converted to his vision. He is still an evil little arrogant punk, and we all still recognize that.

The bottom line is that we, or most of us, understand reality, we want what is best for Ogden, and we must make the best we can with the cards that have been dealt.

You really do seem to have a twisted perception of what is going on here.

R O D said...

Word from a GOOD source is that MOST of the Union Square condos are now Under Contract, with Closings running from into the Spring. As for the MLS, it looks like there are 3 still up For Sale.

The thought is that the new Mall was a catalyst for this buying surge, that and the fact that Moronie picked one off sometime around Christmas.

Lionel Bush said...

"Ogden City Council Finds its legs"

Where were they, On the pillow next to the horse's head?

The Mayor and his henchmen have been routinely cutting the legs out from under the Council every since the election. He thoroughly boxed their ears on the Ernest fiasco, and he has continually portrayed them as fumblers on every subject that has come up.

He out smarts them and out maneuvers them at every turn. The little evil one has forgotten more about getting his way than the whole council combined has ever known.

He out shines them in the political gamesmanship department like a 1000 Watt lamp out shines a dim bulb.

ozboy said...

Amnby and ROD

Well, I went by the Union square fiasco again tonight and didn't see squat!

After attending young Prisbrey's reception, I took a stroll up two bit street and checked out the whole scene pretty carefully. The union square condo's were still the deadest place on the whole street. The gates were open so I went in and checked it out.

If people are buying the places, they sure as hell aint moving in. Eight of them looked like they might have some action going on - that is they had blinds installed. One of them was open, so I went in and looked around. Yikes, what cheap construction! Re-confirms my opinion from last summer when I went in a couple of them.

The real laugh was the banner in front that advertised "luxury condo's". Seems like somebody ought to be prosecuted for false advertising!! These places are real tacky - at least the ones in the back. It is hard to tell if the ones over the store fronts are equally appaling.

Another telling sign was the ad saying that the city of Ogden would subsidize the price by 20% with no money down! Are they giving them away? If people can pick them up with a huge discount and no cash down, can a slum situation be far behind?

Also talked to three different shop owners on the street. None were very optomistic. I was being very non aggresive, just listening, and boy did I hear some contempt for the mayor and city over the whole 25th street situation. One shop owner was very outspoken about the lies the mayor has told her over the last couple of years.

On the positive side, I did see a couple of Harley's in front of Angelo's.

Oh yes, Steve and his charming bride were radiant and happy. The reception was nice with a large turnout, and the Lord Mayor made a gracious entry and blessed all with his presence. And no, I did not bow and kiss his ring...

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