Saturday, May 03, 2008

Boss Godfrey Update: A Few Words From Keisha

Gentle reader "Keisha" insists that we post essential video information

A couple of days back, the last time we were discussing the purported Mt. Ogden Golf Course (MOGC) "revenue problem" here on Weber County Forum, one of our regular readers, Keisha, submitted a pair of YouTube videos via our email link, suggesting that we post them to the board, with the additional suggestion that the latter of these videos contains a concept which could turn our MOGC into a surefire money magnet.

In the interim period, having succumbed to a series of laborious petitions from Gentle Keisha, (translation - much begging) your blogmeister now posts the two videos earlier submitted by this very persistant LONG-TIME READER.

Video #1:

The second video highlights a brand-new climbing sport apparently "breaking out in America." Detail-oriented readers will observe that there exist many similarities between the two climbing videos that Gentle Reader Keisha has submitted -- including similar climbing technique -- and the exact same (identical) climbing axes used in videos #1 and #2. Video #2:
We confess we don't recognise the Pleinis family, who get the credits in these climbing videos. We will observe, however that these guys (brothers and/or cousins or whatever) do contribute a little more than a little coincidental "something" with their YouTube videos. We invite our gentle readers to again listen closely to the voiceover on the hypnotic soundtrack in the first video. Sounds to us like an indictment from an actual ice-climber of Jeff Lowe's dippy climbing park to us. As Bill O'Reilley says- "Listen and You decide."


danny said...

After watching part of the first boring video, I can see why Godfrey thinks the ice tower is a good idea, and why everyone else thinks it is a stupid idea.

I only hope Godfrey doesn't read this blog today. After watching the second video I fear he'll propose $4 million of taxpayer money for an indoor lawn climbing facility to go with the indoor sky diving facility that nobody uses.

Then we will only need something "new and exciting" to go with Gadi's "redevelopment" plans that consist of boarding up buildings and making dusty, vacant lots where businesses used to be.

Please, somebody keep dumb people away from the mayor. He doesn't need any more ideas.

Bill C. said...

Lying little matty's really got a hot one. Shouldn't this giant icecile include a viewing amphitheatre? Folks will be flocking from all over the world to see this ice climbing thing. In all seriousness, lawn climbing will always outdraw it's frigid cousin, you can incorporate a sexual element, scantilly clad will sell better.

Curmudgeon said...

Aw, come on guys. The lawn climbing thing was just plain funny. No more, nor less, than that. Not everything has a message. As Freud is reputed to have said, but almost certainly did not, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

Bill C. said...

But dear Curmudgeon, you have to admit that although funny, the lawn climbing video was much more exciting and action packed, with a much more high adventure element to it. Were you not on the edge of your seat waiting to see what would appear next in the background?
I could not help but think, so this is high adventure outdoor recreation.

danny said...

The lawn climbing video was funny, and the whole family thought so. In fact, some of the kids had to try it themselves this evening.

But what is really funny is Godfrey's design for the ice tower, with windows on the sides so people can sit in the hot sun and watch something that is so, so boring.

His ice tower idea is stupider than lawn climbing, without the benefit of being funny.

mustagh said...

I only yesterday learned that two of my Youtube videos had been linked by this blog. I've been a local Ogden rock/ice climber for 23 years now and only wanted to post some old videos that were of historic interest to other local climbers. I have eight other old climbing videos posted. Admittedly, the linked ice climbing video has a note of protest to it. I was unhappy with what was/is happening in Waterfall Canyon, ie, the now abandoned via ferrata and ice park. Having said this, I must add that I have deep respect and admiration for the climbing accomplishments of Jeff Lowe.

The Lawn Climbing video is nothing more than 2 brothers having fun with a camera almost 20 years ago. I'm glad some found it funny.

Climbing may be boring to watch for many, but so is baseball, golf, and Nascar, to name a few. I assure you however, it is not boring to do.

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