Saturday, May 03, 2008

Knuckle Dragger Nominated Again in Senate District 10

West Jordon District Senate 10 GOP rednecks nominate Chris Buttars once more

Breaking news from the Salt Lake Tribune:

"Buttars wins GOP nomination"

Read the shocking opening paragraphs below:

SANDY - Sen. Chris Buttars, who roiled the last legislative session with his "black baby" comment, has captured the Republican nomination against three intraparty challengers.
Buttars barely escaped a primary contest with the strongest of his rivals, Gary Armstrong. The two-term incumbent now goes on to face Democrat John Rendell in the November general election.
Armstrong did not challenge the discarding of a spoiled ballot even though, had it been added to his total, would have been him over the 40 percent mark to force a run-off.
But he expressed bitter disappointment at the race's outcome
"Our district can't survive four more years of Chris Buttars. I will support the Democrat," said Armstrong.
"I'm very surprised the delegates drank the Kool-Aid," he added. "I'm disappointed they have that little concern for the district."
In the event that any there's any doubt whether a dumbed-down facsimile of the recent spokesmen for GEICO Insurance lives and thrives in the caves of Jordan, Utah, all doubt should be resolved, with the 2008 nomination in today's SLC GOP Convention of a living neanderthal as the GOP banner-bearer in Utah's Senate 10 District.

From this point on, ALL Utah GOP candidates will bear the burden of having Chris Buttars as a co-runner on the greater Utah GOP ticket.

Good news for Democrats; extremely bad news for sane Utah Republicans, we believe.

Sad though this is for Utah Republicans, this development creates ample opportunities for our friends who'll be running as Democrats across the state. Perhaps this truly is a golden opportunity for Utah voters -- Republicans and Democrats alike -- to fix the many problems in the Utah legislature.

Many of us in the Utah GOP are now counting on YOU.

As defeated GOP District 10 convention challenger Gary Armstrong said:

"Our district can't survive four more years of Chris Buttars. I will support the Democrat."

And what say our gentle readers about THIS?


I vote said...

Well if the Republicians cross over and vote for a Democrate, then the Democratics who plan to cross over and vote for Brent Wallis instead of Ed Allen the Mayors Father in law, will even the score. Vote the positions of the candidates and not straight party tickets.

Ginger loves Gilligan said...

Ed Allen is a proven leader. Your hatred for Allen is juvinille. It's not Ed's fault his daughter married GOP Godfrey.

Simply said we need more Democrats. We don't need to even any score. Allen only lost his seat because Republican legislators gerrymandered his district. We need Ed, and Rendell. We need Democrats!

staunch democrat said...

Ed is a hypocrit for everything the democratic party stands for. He blows his horn for his Son-in-law Mayor on his spend and borrow strategies. Ed will be used as a pawn in the Godfrey administration to further the debt and waste of tax dollars in Ogden.

Bill C. said...

It's not about Party seats Ginger, Rendel is a far superior choice than the corrupt, possibly morally bankrupt Buttars, and Wallis is a far superior person than the gondola worshipping hypocrite, liar by proxy, ed allen. If you were a true believer in the almighty, and professed that your salvation could only be realized through one vehicle,(church in this case), would it not be an affront to preach petty local politics from the pulpit, in the latter days of the election.
This hypocrite allen if elected, would be like sending one more self rightous, self serving , pig to an all ready overloaded trough.
These selfrightous pigs and hypocrites don't think twice about using their religious affiliations to their own benefit. If this were old testament times, they'd be turned into pillars of salt, or in this case, a giant artificial indoor/outdoor icecicle.

Brain Dead Dem said...

YES GINGER! BY ALL MEANS! Let's send the all holy Ed Allen to the Utah Churchislature!!!!

HE and ONLY HE truly appreciates the true genius of THE PRECIOUS ONE!

Plus, Curmdgeon sez he's a true democRAT, and that he'll stop the war in Iraq!

Vote for Godfrey's Father in law!!!

Vote early and often!!!!


Curmudgeon said...

Bill, I Vote and Staunch

Sorry Bill, but Ginger is right. In a state with a true two party system, you're point would make more sense, but in Utah, it does not. The critical point is enough Democratic votes to prevent the House [or Senate] from over-riding vetoes.

Second, I remind you again that Mr. Allen is running for the state legislature, NOT Ogden City Council. Were he running for that, I'd work for his opponent. But he is not. He will not be voting on the Gondola in the legislature. He will be voting on such matters as school vouchers, education in general, health care, and so on, and on those matters he, and his record, are solidly Democratic.

Sometimes, Bill, the opposition to Hizzonah's misconduct of the city's business spills over into blind unreasoning animus bordering on hatred. I suspect that is happening here. Putting into the legislature into a seat the Democrats have held another supporter of Bramble, Valentine, Buttars and Curtis because the Democratic candidate is related to Ogden's mayor and likes the gondola idea is not the course of wisdom.

Staunch claims Ed is a hypocrit for everything the democratic party stands for. I'd like to see you try to defend that claim, Staunch. I heard Mr. Allen at the recent WCD Convention. "In my opinion, George Bush is the worst president in American history." He spoke with some emotion about the need to end the quagmire in Iraq and bring the troops home "now!" He denounced the voucher sham the legislative Republicans tried to pull off. He talked at some length about the need, in this state, to do something significant about the rising number of people without medical insurance. He spoke of how the Republican majority mis-manages their power to serve their special interests, of what he saw while he was in the Senate. And he was an effective enough Democrat in the Senate that the Republicans went to considerable trouble to gerrymander him out of his seat. So you're going to have a hard time establishing that Mr. Allen is a hypocrite regarding "everything the Democratic Party stands for" ---- unless of course the only thing the Democratic Party stands for is no Ogden gondola.

Finally, to put Ed Allen, even by implication, in the same category as Sen. Buttars [as I Vote did] is nonsense.

He's running for the state legislature, not Ogden City Council. The responsibilities are different, the issues he will face in office are different. Do I wish he was a vocal opponent of the Mayor's silly flatland gondola? Of course I do. Would his supporting the gondola be enough to prevent my voting for him for City Council? Absolutely. Is it enough to make me vote for his Republican opponent instead of him for the state legislature? Hell, no. I gave up thinking cutting off my nose to spite my face was a wise thing to do about the time I left elementary school.

danny said...

You forgot one thing, Curm.

Based on Brain Dead's reposting of his letter, Ed Allen is also very dumb, and out of touch with reality.

Barney Frank, LBJ, Ted Kennedy and a Utah Statehouse that is Republican because the Democrats offer nothing and are even worse -

Yes, Ed Allen is another good Democrat to continue the legacy.

His Machiavellian son-in-law is running this old goof ball to be his pawn. Those sufficiently non-partisan among us can see that very clearly.

Bill C. said...

Curm, the seemingly addled ed allen won't be voting on anything to do with the current self inflicked war in Iraq, but he could actually vote and provide terrible influence on local transit. This could include lobbying for an assinine gondola, something he's allready done previous.
Curm, you know I am no fan of those republican bastards, but, ed allen might be satan in the flesh.
Note: I'd gladly defer to any ecumenical authority that knows whether or not heavenly,or beings from hell can assume flesh and blood. until then, I believe.

Curmudgeon said...

Danny and Bill:

Danny: Sorry, but Mr. Allen has a legislative record as a Sen. and he his views on a number of important matters --- school vouchers being just one of them --- is (a)very different from that of the Republican Majority in the House and (b) very much in line with Democratic Party platform statewide. The argument that because he's a gondola supporter he therefor some how betrayed the entire Democratic platform, or is no better than Republican wingnuts like Butters and Valentine and Curtis and Bramble just can not be sustained on the evidence.

Bill: of course he won't be voting on the war, but the allegation was made that he had betrayed "every" Democratic party principle, so I put the national stuff in the list as evidence that, clearly, he had not. He will be voting on important education matters... including vouchers [vouchers are about as "dead" as the gondola], and on health insurance for Utah kids, and so on. And if you want to hear him on legislation regarding transit, why not ask him?

Very rarely, something emerges as so significant an issue, that I'd say people are justified making it the sole criterion deciding their vote. But not very often, and the Ogden gondola certainly is not that central an issue in a state legislative race. [Again, city council candidate, it absolutely would be a key issue.]

The trouble with permitting one issue to decide how someone votes on a legislator [any level] is that it can lead to some pretty ridiculous decisions. For example, voting for a Congressman whose policies will make you poorer, the air you breath less healthy, and will virtually guarantee your kids won't have health insurance because he thinks the 2nd Amendment entitles you to own a Sherman Tank. Or because he doesn't wear a flag lapel pin often enough to suit you. Or because he was two days later than his neighbors putting up a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree when the first troops came home from Iraq. Or whatever.

Most of the time... there are as I said very rare exceptions... we end up, or should,asking of legislative candidates, this: "On balance, all things considered, would the State of Utah be better off if this candidate won, or if his opponent won this particular race ... all things considered."

Curmudgeon said...

Since we seem to be on politics, late news from Louisiana:

Democrat Don Cazayoux has won a special election tonight for a Louisiana seat that has been in Republican hands for over 30 years.

With 99% of precincts reporting, Cazayoux leads with 49,371 votes, or 49% of the vote, followed by Republican Woody Jenkins at 46,554 votes, or 46%. In a district that voted 59% for President Bush in 2004, that is simply a stunning result.

Tough news for Chris Buttars. Woody Jenkins [who has had ties in the past with David Duke, former American Nazi, Klan leader, Republican member of the Louisiana legislature and Republican candidate for governor] is a certifiable wingnut. Had he won, Buttars would have had some stiff competition for "National Wingnut Legislator of the Year" award,which Buttars has more or less locked up each year for these past several years.

good reader said...

The legislature will have an effect locally if they vote to privatize public golf courses, community recreation centers, senior centers since they compete with private industry. I also agree that transit is an issue that can be determined by one or two votes. So we need to listen to the candidates and hope they stick their ethics to keep their word once elected.

how can you forget said...

How can anyone vote for Ed Allen after his and his wife's conduct in stealing our petitions when we were trying to get enough names to have a vote on Ogden City issues-

He and she threw their weight around then. I consider him to be completely unethical besides being a religious bigot

How can you forget so quickly?

Curmudgeon said...

Good reader:

All the things you mention I think would be good things to ask the candidates about during the course of the campaign.

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