Thursday, May 15, 2008

Godfrey Transit Vision to Be "Unveiled" at Tonight's Work Session

Word has it that Godfrey will have us all singing "Kumbaya"

Got this Adobe PDF attachment in an email from Ogden City Council Communications Specialist Chad Phares on Tuesday:

Let this serve as a reminder of tonight's city council 5:30 p.m. work session, wherein Boss Godfrey will reportedly reveal, inter alia, his El Grande Great But El Cheap0 Street Car Plan.

Anybody who attends tonight's council work session is invited to report in on the "nitty-gritty" in our comments section.

Article length submissions will almost surely be promoted to a new lead WCF article, of course.

And one other thing in closing: Chad Phares is definitely doing a bang-up job in his position as City Council Communications Specialist.

We don't know what we're paying him, but we think whatever salary he's drawing should be immediately doubled.

Whereas we admit that we were earlier concerned about the concept of our city council employing -- OK we'll just say it -- a propaganda specialist -- we'll just now backtrack and say we really like Chad's work. He always delivers council agendas on time, in a form that's truly professional, as illustrated in the PDF link above.

We're also encouraged, that under council chairwoman Amy Wicks's most excellent and forceful leadership, the Ogden City public transit problem is finally being "brought to a head."

Our Ogden City Council seems to be approaching the Ogden City Transit problem the same way they approached the water infrastructure problem earlier this year. Ogden City demanded leadership that time. While Godfrey was dragging his feet on the water project, Amy Wicks and sensible council members got it done. We predict it will be the same now with respect to public transit, now that we have stronger leadership on the council.

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Jason W. said...

Bob Geiger will walk arm-in-arm with you toward douchedom; THE SKI IS BEAUTIFUL BLUE.
P.S.: Short-deck: quit stalking me; I'll get a court order.

Ohhhhh, no, I love GONDOLAs so much, people are going to hurt me and my kids!


Ogden Resident said...

All and all the mayor was not too far off base in his comments tonight though it seems obvious that he really doesn’t want the street car system to appear to be financially workable thus opening the door for alternative options. He inflated the cost of the system and he suggested that the city would be financially responsible for the full cost of the system. Neither inferences nor statements being true.

One of the transit experts that the city council used for considering their routing proposals was at the meeting and indicated that he had also provided the std-ex with a copy of his report which provides routing suggestion costs and governmental cost sharing information. It will be interesting to see if the std-ex reviews this individual’s information or if they simple reiterate the mayor’s comments.

Two other comments
First the mayor did not introduce the new technology that he is looking at even though he indicated in the paper that he was going to.
Second he tried to plant in the city council member’s minds and their suggested routings that their plans would only be complete IF they included a downtown area loop in their final initial plan.

Anonymous said...
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Fly on the wall said...


The Mayor should be accurate with his information, he has had plenty of time to study and know all of the data from studies.

I dont think anyone is against fast tracking the street car, the Mayor has bogged down the whole process with his obsession with a gondola for the past three years. I am glad to see him on board with a streetcar, the preferred mode by studies.

The Mayor has given plenty of reason to question and possibly not trust him. I hope he has seen the light, and we can move on for the betterment of Ogden.

One last thought, I think you have Council chair Wicks pegged wrong, I know her personally and she has made compromises, and and she campaigned, and on many occasions stated in public that government should be performed in an open and transparent manner. I believe that is why she would not meet to discuss issues in private with the Mayor, when the business can and should be conducted in public.

Thanks for your take on tonights meeting.

Anonymous said...
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Bill C. said...

Go eat an onion roll potato nose. lying little matty told numerous falsehoods tonight, he can't help it, it's his nature.
lying little matty is trying to plant the seed that the cheapest option is the best. His justifications for his choices go against the grain when it comes down to choosing a mass transit corridor, specifically density and ridership. lying little matty's prefered options avoid current densities. They avoid the places that could support adequate ridership. He intentioally lied, with a straight face, something he's well brushed up on, about the costs of Portlands system. He cotradicted himself with both his chosen corridors, prefering Washington to Harrison basing his claim on the residential nature of the 23rd to 30th st. segment being an area the city wants no more density, but his alternatives are going up either 30th or 36th st. Are those not much longer residential stretches? In discussing right of ways, he added three blocks of houses that would be totally unnessisary if the route is 26th st. With confidants like you geigers this guy can't shoot straight or tell the truth, I'm glad you showed up. Your presence established an air of distrust (something fishy) throughout the room.

Anonymous said...
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