Saturday, May 10, 2008

State Demo and GOP Conventions

Check out today's Std-Ex story... and a live podcast

The magic day has arrived. Both the Utah Democratic and Republican Parties will whittle down their lists of candidates for the 2008 general election today. Read all about it in this morning's Standard-Examiner story.

As an added bonus for true political wonks, we link this media player, which will broadcast the live action from today's State GOP convention:

It's billed as experimental, so we wish the podcasters the best of luck.

We searched in vain for a similar podcast from the Demo Convention, BTW. If somebody can come up with a Democratic Convention podcast, please be sure to link it in the comments section below.

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Jason W. said...

Good Old (?) Curmudgeon:

Yes, Addled Dr. Ed Allen is running for the Utah State House; yes, he will not vote on THE GONDOLA, but there is the question of character and electability: This Csmoker stood up in church and prayed for Ogden voters to "keep the momentum going." This makes his reprehensible as a human being and a candidate. Your vote will be cast into the icy tomb of Odin, whose ghost will haunt you until your own demise, sad may that be.


what will it cost us said...

I didn't notice Ed Allen at the Democratic convention or speaking to any of the caucus. I did hear a lot of candidates and their positions. I do think a lot of moderate republicans may cross over and vote on the issues. I think some Democrats may cross over and vote Republican on issues too.
I support Morgan Bowen for 1st Dist over Rob Bishop who doesn't represent his voters ideals, who stated inaction sometimes is the best, and Jean Hill who will bring real leadership back into the Attorney General office.

Curmudgeon said...

Not especially on point, but an interesting editorial in Sunday's SLTrib, and probably worth keeping in mind when the Godfrey Administration makes its next run at gutting existing zoning restrictions on developing steeply sloped land on the benches:

Cost of a view: The development of mountainside homes in Draper has been a costly venture, not only for the new residents buying homes with a view, but for other city taxpayers who don't have that view. And that's not right. The city is facing the expense of replacing poorly designed roads in the tony SunCrest development. Now an independent consultant says the city needs a pump station and storage tank to meet demands of uphill growth. Water and infrastructure have become so expensive that water rates are likely to rise, since impact fees assessed the developer are inadequate and the impact-fee fund is depleted. Other cities should take note: Funding foothill development is an uphill battle.

Curmudgeon said...

What it will cost us:

Ed Allen was at the convention. None of the state legislative candidates spoke at the main session, only state-wide candidates and national candidates. Whether Mr. Allen made the round of some of the caucuses I don't know. He didn't speak at the Environmental Caucus, which is the one I attended. I didn't notice an Allen table, nor did I see any Allen lit at the Weber County Dems table. But he was there.

What will it costs us said...


Thanks I may have not seen him since it was a large convention.
The caucus is where I try and listen to the candidates who try to enlist support. It was a good convention and the turnout shows how dis-appointed most are with the current one party majority in Utah, with developers and ultra conservatives influence in our legislature.

Monotreme said...

Even though it's not our area, what do WCF readers think of US House District 3, Chris Cannon vs. Jason Chaffetz?

googleboy said...

Jason Chaffetz website

Curmudgeon said...

It speaks volumes that Rep.Chris Cannon [R-Gilded Age] is not the most embarrassing Republican legislator in the state. In most states, he'd win that title going away. Not here....

Monotreme said...


In that regard, I noted with interest the endorsement of Mr. Chaffetz' candidacy by none other than State Sen. Howard Stephenson.

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