Monday, May 12, 2008

More Emerald City Transit Talk From the Utah Blogosphere

Transit in Utah chimes in again

Here's another great post from one of our Utah Blogosphere favorites, Transit in Utah. We post here the opening 'graphs from today's TIU article:

Opportunity for Ogden?
Well it looks like Mayor Godfrey is now looking at streetcars instead of just gondolas which hopefully a good sign:
Ogden Mayor has moved on from urban gondolas -- to street cars
Last time I talked briefly about how Ogden could create a nice urban area by putting together the streetcar, a revitalized Washington Blvd, and the Centennial Trail that goes along the Ogden River. Today I was planning to go into a little more detail and build upon those previous ideas.
Smart as the TIU blogmaster is on the topic of Urban Transit, we know what everyone in Ogden knows: Boss Godfrey has urban gondolas tattoed on his brain.

Our little Shite Mayor seems able to fool even the public transit experts, at least
some of the time.


ice tower man said...

If only the Council had approved the $200,000 for the ice tower, the mayor would have freed up the UTA $ for the analysis that they want. Council needs to realize that they can't have it their way all the time. They need to compromise if they want to get anything done.

watchdog said...

Ice tower man-

Why don't you just ask every man, woman and child in Ogden City to donate $2.50 to fund building of the ice tower? If this project is worthwhile, you should have no problem raising funds. The UTA money is set aside for projects like the alternatives analysis or other transit related expenses and should not be up for discussion- and Godfrey should not be trying to hold those purse strings.

slim said...

Fox 13 News had a story last night about the streetcar possibly coming to Ogden. John Patterson spoke on behalf of Ogden. Here's the link: Fox 13 News Story

The story didn't shed much new light on the matter. I'm very skeptical of the whole thing.

Our country spends a dismal amount of money on infrastructure (third world countries have better public transportation systems than we do) and roads for automobiles still get the majority of that funding. No where is that more evident than in Ogden and Northern Utah. No way will Ogden be able to get out of this rut largely because of its lack of vision among its leaders.

Tec Jonson said...

Here's a great site to brush up on the issues of LRT

Light Rail Now

Tec Jonson said...

This is an interesting one about the push for BRT by the highway construction and automotive industries. Those industries are seriously threatened by fixed rail transit. Keep this in mind as we hear what new tech the mayor unveils. It was encouraging to see Patterson in the TV interview talking of rail. Hope the new stuff is rapid streetcar tech.

BRT issues

George K said...

Ogden really needs to support the Council in pushing for the alternative analysis. That is the next step to getting a transit system.

For the last two or three years, Godfrey has stalled and put the Council off every time the subject is brought up. He is always throwing a diversion at them instead of addressing the issue. Just like he's doing now with his "secret transit study plan" that will make the Council sing "kumbuya!" FAT CHANCE!! The only thing that is going get us a public transit system is to join WSU and IHC in getting an alternative analysis done.

Charlie Redneck said...

ice tower man,

Where in the hell have you had your head?! You must be a Geiger or one of the young naive lackeys who blindly worship the ground Godfrey walks on. You'll wake up someday and discover what a sap you've been. Godfrey is a little, immature,spoiled brat who can't stand to lose. It's great having a Council with balls enough to stand up to Godfrey! Oh Yeah!!

Little Bird said...

ice tower man - since when has recreation been a city government concern? Government is in place to supply needed items and not a play pen for grown ups. People should recreate on their own time and dime and quit trying to waste taxpayer money.

Monotreme said...

Speaking of what gubbmint should and should not do, why is the mayor of Ogden traveling to the Governor's Mansion to help a businessman do a dog-and-pony show aimed at attracting state dollars?

Monotreme said...

Still trying to get this link thing to work.

This one might work better for you.

In any case, it's the article on p. 1B of today's S-E.

Diner said...


Maybe he's doing it because Mr. Ferrario is the former owner of Bistro 258 on Historic 25th Street.

Gotta pay off those free lunches sometimes.

Monotreme said...


Thanks, I sorta suspected it was an FOM thing.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he hasn't yet developed a moral sense.

Apparently, ethics in our governmental leaders is too much to ask for. If what he is doing is "right" or "ethical", it should be done out in the open and not secretively. He should declare, openly and proudly, his affiliation with Mr. Ferrario.

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