Friday, May 22, 2009

Councilwoman Jeske Sets the Record Straight Yet Again

At least one Ogden City Council member has the sack to address citizen issues directly. Where we ask... are the rest?

One fantastic Councilwoman Jeske Update follows in the paragraphs below... for those readers who are concerned about Boss Godfrey's 36th Street Water Tank Fetish... and other mind-numbed Godfrey priority fetishes...

Here's a most excellent Dorrene Jeske response to the concerns of another well-respected WCF reader, (all of which was earlier-buried in an article comments section below).

From Councilwoman Dorrene Jeske this morning:
The Council has taken some steps on the water tank construction at the top of 36th St. The Administration started the construction using funds from the water tank and pipe lines project at the top of 46th St. We asked for an amendment to CIP and project. Administration said that an amendment wasn't needed. We asked Gary Williams for his opinion and he told the Administration that there was enough difference in what was planned and approved and what they are doing that it needed to go to the Planning Commission and that is where it is right now. The Council will have the opportunity then to approve or disapprove the project.
Council leadership is showing more backbone than it ever has since I've been on the Council. Amy and Caitlin are proving to be a great and strong team.
Be patient. Government policies and procedures require that proper process is followed and everything takes so much time that it seems like everything is moving in slow motion.
Last night at our work meeting, we met with the department directors and heard their reports and future plans. John Arrington explained why it looks like the golf course cost the City more than $400,000. during FY2009. I'm sure that the Mayor will use this as an argument for letting a private party manage the golf course. Mr. Arrington explained that in 2007 no payments were made to the debt service accounts. He said that through better management of the golf course that past two years, Mount Ogden has improved its revenues and its financial picture. Mr. Brenkman told us that public support has been heart-warming, and they were in the middle of their first tournament this year and it is a success.
He informed us that Ogden High's Girls Golf team used the course as its home course and had taken State two years in a row. But he also said that it was discouraging to answer the phone and have people surprised that they were still open because of the controversy surrounding its future. They would benefit from some positive publicity for a change.
He said that everyone who were participating in the tournament were amazed with the improvements made and what a beautiful "gem" it is. Those who haven't played the course for years have vowed to return! The volunteers have made fantastic improvements in such a short time.
He said that they were able to purchase 20 new golf carts which has really helped because so far this year they haven't had to turn anyone away.
They are proceeding with three planned projects to make the course more playable. Mr. Brenkman said that this year is Mount Ogden's 25th anniversary and he has scheduled a fundraising tournament for June 20th.
-Dorrene Jeske.
We''ll comment in passing that it's great to have Councilwoman Jeske boldly setting the record straight once again, and once again offering her newest comments, just as she does fairly regularly here on Weber County Forum. With the exception of Chair/Councilwoman Wicks, who posts her own comments semi-regularly, sadly, we haven't heard from any of the others at all.

Where better to communicate with the Ogden voters than here at WCF, we humbly ask?

There's room for council improvement here too, wethinks. Of course, that opinion may well be that of "just us." We admit we're biased. We believe our elected government officials should keep in close touch, and that WEBER COUNTY FORUM is just the place to do that.

Comments, pleaz...


tom said...

Council woman Jeske

It is very refreshing to have an elected official here in Ogden actually make the effort and take the time to communicate with the citizens over issues of public concern.

You do yourself and the city of Ogden a great service in your tireless efforts to keep us informed and tell us the truth.

From this tax payer to Ogden a very big thanks.

Curmudgeon said...


Thank you very much for the update, and for bringing us up to speed on the procedural issues involving the water tank matter.

OgdenLover said...

Thanks, Dorrene. I really appreciate your letting us know all this. Please, keep supporting the citizens of Ogden.

danny said...

This is very heartening, Dorrene.

If I understand correctly, Godfrey was illegally spending money that now, both the planning commission and the city council will have to approve in order for Godfrey's malfeasance to continue. Hopefully he will not get a majority of either the commission or the council.

As a side note, I wonder if Dan S. could tell us what the devil is going on at the mouth of Strong's Canyon will all the bulldozing. Is this Godfrey's destructive hand at work once again?

danny said...

Wait a minute Dorrene.

Did you say GARY WILLIAMS disagreed with Godfrey???? Did Gary Williams, suffocating from the weight of his own unethical behavior on behalf of Godfrey, finally see a ray of light and tell Godfrey he would have to back off for once? After being the front man for Blaine Johnson's money laundering, now Gary Williams takes one gasp of fresh air?

Rudi, you forgot to mention Rick Saftsen used to post here - before that is, he voted once against Godfrey (on the extra floors for the Wells Fargo building). This resulted in a quiet meeting in Godfrey's private dungeon in the basement of the Jay Cavendish home, where Godfrey, in his high-backed carved chair told the assembled gargoyles of Ogden's oligarchy that Saftsen was finished, culminating with Saftsten being forced to "kiss the gunner's daughter" in front of everyone there.

I wonder whether Gary Williams, after his lone act of integrity, will also now be forced to "kiss the gunner's daughter".

Bill C., please turn on your surveillance cameras of the Godfrey leadership dungeon of doom and begin recording.

G'n'R lives said...

If you haven't played Mt Ogden this year get up there and play. I am not a regular at MOGC but played there in the afternoon and loved every minute of it. The course was in great shape, and the views were awesome. My hat goes off to the crew at the course. I could only imagine what it would be like with a budget and some new equipment. I will be supporting the fundraiser....

Dorrene Jeske said...

Danny, Yes, the bulldozing and destruction at the mouth of Strong’s Canyon is Godfrey’s handiwork.
I voiced my concern about Mr. Williams standing up to the Mayor and telling him how it really is. We all know what happened to Gloria Berrett (former Recorder) when she balked at Godfrey’s illegal order.
G’n’R lives, That is great news! Thanks for the report on the MOGC. That goes right along with what I’ve heard about Mount Ogden this year. Good luck at the fund raiser tournament! Wouldn’t it be fantastic if so many signed up for that tournament that Todd had to schedule another tournament!

Dan Schroeder said...

There's a promising tidbit in the City Council agenda for this coming Tuesday:

9. New Business:
a. Campaign Finance Disclosure. Proposed Ordinance 2009-39 amending the Ogden Municipal Code by amending Chapter 8 of Title 1 to revise Campaign Financing Disclosure requirements. (Set/not set public input for June 2, 2009)
(I received the agenda by email yesterday and would be happy to forward it to anyone interested. I tried to look it up on the new Ogden City web site but it doesn't seem to be posted there yet.)

So it looks like a revised disclosure ordinance of some sort is in the works. Let's hope the revision will make it harder for people to do what Envision Ogden did.

On a related note, there's an interesting article in the Trib about an allegation that Republicans violated federal campaign financing laws in their campaign against Jim Matheson in 2004. After four years, the FEC has finally decided to exercise its "prosecutorial discretion" to dismiss the case. It will, however, "issue new guidance" to clarify the applicable rule.

Republicans are claiming this means that no laws were violated to begin with. The Democrats say no, the FEC is just too busy to prosecute every case. Either way, it seems clear that the applicable rule is tricky to interpret and the Republicans took advantage of what they perceived to be a loophole.

This incident highlights how we need the cooperation of many people and entities to make these laws work. First, we need a legislative body that will pass a reasonably strong law without too many loopholes. Second, we need a law enforcement agency that will investigate and prosecute as many violations as it can. Third, we need an independent media that will at least report on the violations that don't get prosecuted, creating some political incentive for campaigns to avoid pushing the limits too far. And fourth, we need voters who will remember these incidents the next time they go to the ballot box.

drewmeister said...

Ms. Jeske, thank you for communicating with us Lumpencitizens about matters of true importance. We are truly grateful for your leadership and courage in battling the demons of the ninth floor. THANK YOU!

pissed off sneak peeker said...

Yes Dan, but who the hell gave the keys to the city owned Saloman Center to Envision Ogden?
We still want to know, and who is FNURE?

Is this cover up gone now?

Dan Schroeder said...

pissed off,

If you want to know the answers to those questions, you can help by doing more than posting them on this blog. Write a letter to the Standard-Examiner, and/or get up and ask your questions at the next City Council meeting. Or try to talk to Shreve and Godfrey and Johnson directly. Every little bit helps.

RudiZink said...

Thanks for the heads up on the new proposed election ordinance, Dan. I've obtained an electronic copy and expect, time permitting, to post an article on the subject, perhaps later this morning.

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