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Marshall White Center: OWPAC Submits a Written Management Proposal - UPDATED

Another important political story you won't find on the Std-Ex "Live" website
UPDATED: The story is now up on the Std-Ex "Live" site. Better late than never, we guess

Startling news this morning in the Standard-Examiner hard-copy edition. After months of secretive backroom negotiations, Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership (OWCAP) has delivered a signed written proposal to take over management operations at the Marshall White Center. Scott Schwebke's opening paragraphs provide the gist:
OGDEN — The Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership signed an agreement Friday with the city’s administration to begin managing the Marshall White Community Center on July 1.
However, the contract won’t become effective until Mayor Matthew Godfrey signs it next week, said John Patterson, the city’s chief administrative officer.
Godfrey said he plans to review it and hopes to sign it Monday.
“I think this will be very positive and exciting for the community,” he said. “OWCAP will provide more services and resources as well.”
The agreement won’t affect any existing services at the center, will keep its indoor pool operating for at least six months, and should enable OWCAP to assume all financial responsibility for the facility early next year, Patterson said.
Disturbingly, the Ogden city council, (the Ogden City government branch which is charged with sole authorty under the Mayor-Council form of government with respect to matters of policy,) even now remains entirely out of the negotiation/discussion loop. This from City Council Chair Any Wicks:
City Council Chairwoman Amy Wicks said in a Friday e-mail to the Standard-Examiner that she hadn’t received a copy of the management agreement from the administration.
“The Ogden City Council is still waiting for the contract,” she said. “We have been left out of all discussions and negotiations regarding turning this Ogden city taxpayer-owned facility over to a nonprofit organization and so have other important stakeholders in our community.
“I am open to looking at options to help the Marshall White Center, but it needs to be done in a manner which involves all who have a stake in the center. That includes the Boys and Girls Club, Community Aging Services, Weber Human Services, facility users, neighbors and the City Council,” Wicks said.
“I am very disappointed that this never occurred before the mayor decided to negotiate a contract with OWCAP.”
Grab that popcorn and pull up your Barca-loungers, folks. It's evident that the Council/Administration showdown, which Godfrey has been so carefully choreographing, and which we've been forecasting for the last couple of weeks, is now forming up on city hall center stage. We'll predict right now that it won't be long at all before we all find out who really wears the pants in the Emerald City government "family."

Comments, anyone?


Curious 1 said...

So when will the mayor turn over the Mt Ogden Golf Course to a non-profit? This is just the first of many plans to make the tax-payers loose all of the community entities.

The city administration can find money to cover the information train inflation costs, money to re-build the Flowrider, other money to cover the mayors programs yet the city can't fund the MWC.

How about an independent auditor to go over the cities lease agreements and ask why they don't cover costs. Most taxpayers would settle for an audit of the mayors office. When will the taxpayers stop funding all of these developers dreams with the administrations help.

City Council budget crunchers, now is the time to cut the mayors staff, lobbyist, department heads that aren't earning their keep, double dippers earning a retirement, staying on the same job and keeping their pay.

These are tough ecomonic times, the city needs to stop spending like a drunken sailor.

Off thread another story in the SE was about a meth lab 672 E 24th street. The owners are MISTI LLC which own a number of houses here in Ogden. How can citizens make sure they don't just rent it out again without a through clean up. Might it be one of the homes an elected official own?

Anonymous said...

There are a few programs in place that help landlords in exchange for them renting to clean responible people, and for quickly cleaning up problem tenants when issues come to light.

On the much circulated list, The Ten Citizen Actions That Clean Up Ogden In 3 Months, Landlord Issues is number 4.

Old School Journalist said...

Has anyone noticed that this is the second week in a row that the Standard has published an important Marshall White story in its "dead Tree Edition," but NOT on it's creepy "live" site?

It last happened LAST Saturday, when Rudi posted an SE article linked from the Digital Edition, (all of which is still hidden behind the SE's "paid" firewall).

Skeptics could easily conclude that the Standard really is still up to its old Gondola Examiner tricks, and doesn't want articles up on its "Free" website, so that actual Ogden City Citzens can lodge their comments and objections.

Watch the Standard-Examiner coninue to twist and squirm, as it attempts to move into the online information era, and recognises it's new informational role, while still attempting to remain an information gate-keeper and and to squelch its best stories on the internet.

Putting It All in Context said...

If the Godfrey administraton can legally pawn off the Marshall White Center to complete morons like South Ogden City mayor George Garwood, we're in serious political trouble here.

Garwood is completely incompetent, and an Asshole, to boot. It comes as no surprise that these two morons would hook up however, even though Godfrey, the little racist Harrisville shit, hates Garwood's guts because he's a black man.

Politics makes for strange bedfellows, dunnit?

Danny said...


The idea that the city council can't block the mayor turning over Marshall White seems absurd.


What Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership (OWCAP) is looking for is a roof over it's head where it can distribute federal programs. They are not interested in running a rec center. Thus, they and Godfrey are on the same page. OWCAP gets a place to operate, and Godfrey gets rid of Marshall White.

Why will the pool be guaranteed to be open ONLY until the end of the year? Why has Godfrey only agreed for that much funding? Because by that time the city council elections will be over.

Godfrey has recognized this is a hot political issue, and so has simply adjusted his approach to take it out of play for the upcoming election. After that, he assumes he'll have a rubber stamp and can do whatever he wants.

It's a clever move on his part, if an obvious one.

The city council should vote to block the agreement, and fund Marshall White as it is currently instituted.

Oh, and Bill Cook doesn't know what he's talking about.

Anonymous said...

It is a fact that the code monkeys at the SE push different articles for the search spiders using different keywords, based on what the editorial board wants to have show up on google news, or what it wants to bury; and this contrary to accepted new media standards.

We did note a drop in SE articles indexed online of late.

Curmudgeon said...

On what the SE puts on the free edition and what it does not: Several conspiracy theories listed above. Or it could be, the SE is attempting to give people a reason to subscribe to the paper, which means keeping some content behind the subscription wall. If the entire content is available free, what reason is there then to subscribe?

Will it succeed in this? Beats me. Other papers can give away most or all content, possibly, because they operate in metro areas of sufficient size that web-hits may generate enough income, and so free distribution on line to drive people to the website makes sense. Maybe. The GOMA [Greater Ogden Metropolitan Area] in which the SE operates is not sufficiently populous to do that. And it's not working real well for papers that have tried it anyway [SL Trib publisher talking of going to paper four days a week, e-delivery only three days a week]. NY Times is hemorrhaging money, and it provides free access to all. And so on.

All newspapers are trying to figure out how to be profitable and to continue doing their jobs in an environment in which people have come to expect news content to be free on line. I'm not sure the SE's solution is the right one. Probably isn't. But I also wouldn't leap to some arcane conspiracy theory when they keep a clearly major story behind the subscription wall.

Curmudgeon said...

Several points I think worth keeping in mind in re: Hizzonah's latest version of his MWC plans:

1. First, it is now established beyond reasonable doubt that Hizzonah's claim [published in the SE some weeks ago] that he's been keeping the Council fully informed of his plans for the MWC was flatly untrue.

2. Second, it's painfully clear that Hizzonah has learned nothing about how to effectively manage a city government in which authority is divided between a legislative and executive branch. As Mr. Trentelman pointed out in a perceptive column a bit ago, working in secret and then periodically yelling "Surprise!" is not a good way to manage a city. Particularly, I think, when many people don't believe you're yelling "Surprise!" but are yelling "Gotcha!" instead.

3. The Mayor's business sense and fiscal judgment have not improved. His original idea for the lease was that it would save Ogden City lots of money. Now it seems he can't lease the place unless Ogden City for the first six months keeps on paying the operating costs. [Hence, no savings.] Nevertheless, before he'd negotiated the contract, he zeroed out the MWC budget for that period. That's both poor judgment and bad management.

4. We still do not know what will happen on 1 January 2010 if the hoped-for grants do not materialize. The NGO is committed to continue operating the center for the final six months of the fiscal year... but at what level of service? We don't know. With existing programs intact at current levels? We don't know. With pool operations and maintenance covered by the NGO? We don't know. And the Mayor likes to brag about is good business sense and management skills? Why?

5. The deal apparently involves expanded Head Start classes at the MWC. This is good. But so far as I can see so far, it is the only unarguably good thing to come from the current Godfrey-sponsored muddle.

Money's tight, but if the City Council wants to devote funds to send Hizzonah to Weber State to take Management 101, it might be a good idea. [But he'd have to get at least a C to be reimbursed. I figure the odds are 50%-50% the city won't end up paying.]

Anonymous said...

We agree with you.
But our point is that the SE code-kids swear that the directives that they receive, and we could find a quote here in the back ov our mind, run contrary to the exact newspaper principles and print v. new-media revenue stream journalism problems, that you describe above.

They scratch their heads; we just mention that scratching because it seems applicable here.

Anonymous said...

Head Start should be fully funded.

Parental participation should be compulsory in almost all instances.

This from someone who loathes most government social programs.

dan s. said...

One side effect of all Mayor Godfrey's "partnerships" is a loss of transparency. Open record and open meeting laws don't apply to private organizations in most circumstances. I'm sure the mayor considers this an advantage.

BAT_girl said...

"Putting It All in Context said...

If the Godfrey administration can legally pawn off the Marshall White Center to complete morons like South Ogden City mayor George Garwood, we're in serious political trouble here.

Garwood is completely incompetent, and an Asshole, to boot. It comes as no surprise that these two morons would hook up however, even though Godfrey, the little racist Harrisville shit, hates Garwood's guts because he's a black man.

Politics makes for strange bedfellows, dunnit?"

Thanks PUTTING.........for you honesty about South Ogden City mayor George Garwood. MORON? Exactly what I have heard. In fact, I have heard Mayor George Garwood referred to as a blustering fool and as an embarrassment to the Utah Republican/Mormon party. During his 25+ years working for the Utah Driver's License Office...even the job he has done there is in question.

Then he becomes first BLACK Mayor in Utah, and is not popular in that position either. How do I know?? Just read what you get:

George Garwood South Ogden Utah/ google
Mayor George Garwood South Ogden Utah/ google

Recent scuttlebutt in South Ogden City is that Mayor George Garwood is not running again for South Ogden Mayor this NOV 2009.

BAT_girl said...

"RJ Svengali said...

There are a few programs in place that help landlords in exchange for them renting to clean responsible people, and for quickly cleaning up problem tenants when issues come to light.

On the much circulated list, The Ten Citizen Actions That Clean Up Ogden In 3 Months, Landlord Issues is number 4."

Interesting comment, RJS. Last I heard, Ogden City had a program for landlords. It started about a year ago or more. Any landlord with rental property in Ogden City can, through Ogden City, run the name of any potential renter, through the Ogden City Police computers, to do a background check on the potential renter. All felonies, misdemeanors, jail time, previous meth lab ownership.............will show. The question really is............does the Landlord CARE???? Nice sweep of drug dealers by OC cops. 13LBS of meth!!!! Jeebus!

Rodney King said...

"People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along? Can we get along? Can we stop making it, making it horrible for the older people and the kids?

It’s just not right. It’s not right. It’s not, it’s not going to change anything. We’ll, we’ll get our justice.

Please, we can get along here. We all can get along. I mean, we’re all stuck here for a while. Let’s try to work it out. Let’s try to beat it. Let’s try to beat it. Let’s try to work it out."

curious 1 said...

There should be a list of known meth homes, or other hazardous residences. The health department needs to post the address even if the home has been cleaned out. That was my point in asking about notification of meth homes. If it takes a special team just to clean up the meth lab would you or a family member rent that home with just a fresh coat of paint.

The good landlord program is great if it is followed. I do know if the neighbors complain the landlord will evict the tenents as per city policy.

Unfortunately if the home is vacant and not kept up by these out of state speculators the only recourse is to complain to code enforcement.

A big problem is these abondoned homes is the amout of lead, asbestos, oil, batteries and other waste that were just left there. When they burn they release all of these toxins.

Curmudgeon said...

This is a little off-topic, but worth a note I think. SE has a front page story this morning about Layton's plans to build a set of park-like walkways [7 miles of them] linking nearly all of the business and shopping areas of downtown Layton. [Story here but you'll have to find the print edition for the maps and graphics, which are worth tracking down.]

It's to be modeled, at least in concept, on San Antonio's fabulously successful Riverwalk. But without the river. The comparison is a little over-stated, but the concept as they have it laid out in Layton is very interesting. It's to provide a whole series of pleasant walkways, with some water features, well landscaped, with benches, etc. connecting nearly all of Layton's downtown business areas. Someone has done some serious research and some serious long-term planning looking at the entire area, not just this block or that project.

I was reminded of the time when The Junction plans were first unveiled. I wondered then that no one seemed to have done much thinking about how The Junction development would fit in with the idea --- much talked about, little implemented --- of creating a more walkable downtown Ogden. We have Historic 25th Street over here, and The Junction over there. What connects the two? What makes them part of a pleasantly strollable downtown? Not much. To get from one to the other, you can walk Washington Blvd or sidle down Kiesel [dark, narrow, with the back end of a hotel and a parking garage on one side]. Or walk through the parking lots N. of the back side of 25th Street. Or file through The Junction parking garage, and walk south along more parking lots.

Nothing ties it together in the way the Layton folks are thinking about tying their downtown venues together.

Maybe someone is thinking about something to link the Ogden River parkway with The Junction and the rest of downtown, but I've not seen anything yet along the lines of the comprehensive planning Layton is doing.

Currently, if you want to stroll from 25th Street or The Junction to the river, you'll pass by what looks like Beirut a few months after a battle. Mostly cleared rubble. I know that this is only a temporary situation, until the River Project turns around and begins to happen. What I'm wondering is, is anyone thinking about how whatever does develop there will tie in with The Junction and Historic 25th Street? Or will it be yet again another series of stand alone projects that don't much relate to each other or to the rest of downtown. [Much like the planning, politely so called, that went into separating the new Wal-Mart store from the rest of downtown by a huge parking lot --- acres of concrete.]

Anyway, kudoes to the folks in Layton for doing some serious thinking about making it all work together, making the business area more attractive place for people to come, stroll, shop, enjoy.

And nary a gondola in sight.

Can't Ogden think on that broad a scale too?

Anonymous said...

Nah, we read that same article. And we were wondering

San Antonio is a very livable city, diverse and relevant, and the riverwalk is a crown jewel.

Layton has an enviable tax base, a constant turn over in civics-minded military families, and one of the most boring vibes in all of Utah.

We often have wondered about solutions to "the riverwalk to Divinci academy to the Raptors Stadium to Treehouse Museum to 25th street condos and nightlife" dilemma.

Their should be a brick walkway, landscaped, with a trolley or some kind of rickshaw service.

Oh, and GO RAPTORS! Three more weeks till opening day!

Curmudgeon said...


OK, I have to ask. Why does a picture of the right-wing criminal G. Gordon Liddy come up when you post? [grin]

paul said...


I asked that same question of Svengali on a lower thread (MW Center & CC) and got a rather long winded and nonsensical answer about magik. No direct answer however. Perhaps he wants to be like GG Liddy? Perhaps he is GG Liddy? We might have to look for the scars in his palms to find out for sure.

OgdenLover said...

Anyone notice that there's only ONE comment on the SE website for this article? The link is given right here on WCF, let's wake up!

Anonymous said...

We thought we gave a thoughtful and insightful answer to a question that sounded a lot like: "do white crows exist", but we did dash it off; our apologies for not considering the intended readership.

Say not nonsensical, as we describe a quite sensible, and powerful, tool of the knowing, but say rather non-understandable, as the salient points we address within its slight text evidently fall outside of your current reality tunnel.

Others of a different mind might find the ideas full of light and wonder.

A different, no less factual, answer:
we use a picture of G because it satisfies our sense of the absurd, and lends a welcome symmetry to the aesthetic of this RJ Svengali millstone.

Thanks for asking.

Dan Schroeder said...


One of this year's RAMP grants was awarded to Ogden City for a "connector trail" which I believe is intended to connect the Ogden River Parkway to the Intermodal Hub. It won't make the whole downtown more pedestrian-friendly, but it's a start.

Curmudgeon said...


Thanks for the update. If I'd heard about that, I'd forgotten it.

The Lovely Jennifer said...

I don't see anyone's pics on their posts - GG Liddy or Dan Schroeder or Rudi or anyone ... ??

zor said...


As an enemy of the people's republic of Oz the mayor has directed that your computer be compromised and no pictures of naysayers will be allowed.
repent and you will be able to enjoy the likenesses of the above named luminaries.

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