Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Morning News Roundup

Two items: Sugarhouse streetcar on track with a three-year timeline; Good investigative journalism lands Attorney General Shurtleff in the hot seat

Not much to write about from the Standard-Examiner this morning, but here are a couple of interesting items from the Trib, submitted by Gentle Reader Dan S:

Dunno what you might already have in mind for Saturday, but here are a
couple of items from the Trib:

1. Sugar House streetcar could be up and running in only three years:
Sugar House streetcar? It may be closer to reality than you think
Although we haven't heard much about the Ogden streetcar recently, the "management committee" continues to meet every two weeks with the next meeting coming up this Tuesday afternoon. Mayor Godfrey is arguing for a more expensive loop downtown (instead of both ways on the same street), and for renovating an existing building to use as a maintenance center for the streetcars. The consultant recently floated the idea that we might want a streetcar within downtown but a bus line up to WSU. And Godfrey, the consultant, and UDOT are all still trying to push it off Harrison and onto other roads where it'll be used less.

2. Corruption in the attorney general's office?
A.G. denies political pressure swayed Koerber case
This story was mentioned in a lower comment thread, with a link to KSL. Good investigative reporting and an example of what we need and deserve from our home town newspaper here in Ogden.
Have at it, gentle readers.


googlegirl said...

From The Tops Of The Mountains Blog

RJ Svengali said...

Note: we really personally do not like Mr. Shirtliff.

We wonder how far Koeber will go in implying that he will implicate prominent State Government people, if the case is pursued.

Now that the feds have taken over, this is going to get interesting.

In Utah, a ponzi is only a ponzi if you can no longer pay dividends, evidently.

We watched his commercials a few years back with a financially savvy family member, and laughed.
To an investment proffesional, it was obvious that the promises of gain were off-mark, and if the pitch is crooked, imagine the fine print!

dan s. said...

Rudi, I didn't write the opening sentence of this article and it's not true: there's a fascinating story about the MWC in this morning's S-E.

RudiZink said...

Thanks for the submission and correction, Dan; and please note that I've reworked today's article, to more clearly highlight exactly what you did submit.

And I can't believe I somehow missed this morning's MWC article this morning. That's what I get, I suppose, for relying solely on the SE "live" web edition, where the article is glaaringly absent. The article IS up on the Digital edition site however, so I should have a brief introductory piece up for discussion shortly.

Ray said...

Sure seems as if Utah folk are particularly gullible for Ponzi scams. Watch Attorney General Shurtleff and other politicians run for cover on this one. Already Shurtleff's story has changed several times. If the story has traction it could easily torpedo his run for the Senate. It'll be interesting to watch and see what politicians and movers and shakers this taints. H'mm, I wonder if soon to be Governor Herbert has any Koerber connections. With his pro-voucher pulpit Koerber touched a lot of political types. I wonder how many of them bought into his scam?

Anonymous said...

Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action. -- George Washington

dan s. said...

There's more on Koerber in Rececca Walsh's column in the Trib. Can't copy the link on my iPhone but it's easy to find.

Curmudgeon said...

Link to the Walsh column is here. Walsh suggests in her column, which deals with the Wimmer/Shurtleff scandal --- their alleged efforts to shield a major right-wing supporter from investigation --- that, in order to understand why Wimmer and Shurtleff were willing to intercede on behalf of Koerber, we take "Deep Throat's" advice: follow the money.

From Walsh's column:

Koerber... and his stable of Franklin Squires companies and board members gave more than $500,000 to the state Republican Party and individual pro-voucher candidates in 2006. Follow the money....

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