Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Std-Ex: Union Pacific #844 Rolls Into Ogden's Union Station

Added bonus: A YouTube video preview for those of you who haven't witnessed on of these locomotive behemoths in action

We'd like to provide a heads up on an upcoming Ogden event, courtesy of the Standard-Examiner's Charlie Trentelman. Railroad buffs, and anyone in general who gets a charge out of "massive hissing, rumbling, smoke- belching moving objects" will want to present at Union Station on Thursday afternoon, when Union Pacific's giant steam locomotive #844 rumbles into town. Here's Charlie's morning story:
Steam engine rolls into Ogden station
And here's a YouTube video preview for those of you who haven't witnessed one of these locomotive behemoths in action. Take it from us however; viewing this video is a poor substitute for experiencing the real deal... up close and personal... if you know what we mean (and we think you do):

Bring the kiddies along. They're bound to get a thrill out of this.


Bill C. said...

Rudi, you're incorrigible, lying little matty has spent 9 years trying to erase the railroad from the public memory and replace it with artificial indoor simulated "high adventure" recreation. You're nostalgic glimpse threatens to undo all inroads of bogus geigarian theology, gondola worship.

ozboy said...


If I wanted to see "massive hissing, rumbling, smoke- belching moving objects" all I would have to do is visit Rep Bishop's office any day he is there.

Ogden Trainster said...

Damn! UP's #844 engineer has to have the best job in America, touring the country and pulling that whistle cord liberally!

I remember the time when the arrival of magnificent machinery like this in Ogden was an every day event.

Thanks, Rudi!

Bummer said...

You'e right, Rudi. Nobody can properly under-appeciatate the magnitude of the technology of these great rumbling machines, which were built by healthy US companies during the now bygone era of US Industrial Supremacy.

It's sad to see that the Anerican industrial tradition has now fallen into the wayside of modern US politics.

Look It's Andy Howell said...

Hey do you see the guy that is full of shit?

The Ice Man said...

A beautiful symbol of the 300 year industrial age that created the upcoming near-global freeze; or near global incineration.

When humans crawl out of ace caves in 25,000 years, this stuff will be rust at the bottom of new oceans, and no one will know we even existed.
And they will still be wondering about those solid-stone pyramids.

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