Monday, May 18, 2009

Std-Ex Letter: Boss Godfrey Should Focus On His Incomplete Projects

Attempts to resurrect old, rejected plans may leave Godfrey's constituents feeling deceived

Thanks to an email tip from another alert reader, we'll kick off the discussion this otherwise slow news Monday morning, by featuring an exceedingly well-crafted letter to the editor, which popped up on the Standard-Examiner website late last week. We believe it's right up Weber County Forum's alley, topic-wise; and we're sure you'll all agree:
Godfrey should focus on incomplete projects
About 18 months ago, in the midst of a hotly contested mayoral race, Mr. Godfrey shocked the city by reversing his stance on the sale and development of Mt. Ogden Park and golf course indicating that he had heard the voice of the people.
Not only would he abandon his efforts to build a gondola and engage in massive development of that property, including the undeveloped foothills above the golf course, but he further promised to do all in his power to protect it in perpetuity. His victory, by merely 400 votes, casts serious doubt on the likelihood that he could have been re-elected without this change of heart.
Recently, a "redesign" committee appointed by Godfrey (without the knowledge or approval of our city council) submitted suggestions for multi-million dollar changes to Mt. Ogden Golf course and surrounding properties. Parts of those changes include selling portions of the land, building a lodge, a winter sport park and 350 condominiums.
This plan differs in form, but not substance from the plans the mayor tried to push through during his prior term and sharply contrasts with the, "I've heard the voice of the people", speeches that barely allowed him to retain office. While the unpopular word "gondola" hasn't yet appeared openly, there are hints it has not gone away either.
Perhaps Godfrey could focus on his incomplete projects (e.g. the River Parkway development) as opposed to trying to resurrect old, rejected plans which may leave his constituents feeling deceived.
Valerie Bentley
Ms. Bentley provides ideal fodder for discussion, as our readers launch into another new work week, wethinks.

Have at it, O Gentle Ones.


Bill C. said...

Valery, unfortunately all of the lying little mayor's projects are DOA. They have been as soon as the City funding dries up.
The jackass center is possibly the only example of how this mayor will accomplish anything. The City pays for everything, when it's completed, a campain contributer to the mayor get the keys and then takes all of the profits. It's funny that the administration won't even set the lease high enough to cover the construction costs.

Democrat said...

Ouch!!! that Standard Examiner is tough on Godfrey.

Rafiki said...

People are getting what they voted for which is standard Republican policy.

Shame on the Voters they had their chance!

Browning Family Trust Fund Baby said...

Look at Godfrey's Junction project, which is only half complete, and cost the taxpayers $3 million over the past three years. It's only half finished, and there are no signs of taxpayer relief in sight.

And then look at the River Project, which has a similar taxpayer price tag, and looks to be a blight on our community for long into the foreseeable future.

Godfrey is like a spoiled little kid who falls in love with a new toy, tires of it after a few hours of playing, and then asks his mommy for "more."

I can relate to that.

Matthew G. said...

Delusions of grandeur make me feel a lot better about myself.

So there!

sceptical said...

"Ouch!!! that Standard Examiner is tough on Godfrey.'

I'll believe that when Andy Howell puts this letter on the print edition editorial page.

captain jorts said...

mo golf course in awesome condition jeff mcfarland just needs mowers and workers to make it perfect littly matty dick head just wants his gondola dont mess with the monster golf course

monotreme said...

How to eliminate the Mount Ogden Golf Course "deficit" and put the Mayor's Economic Development bobbleheads to work in the process.

Bill C. said...

Mono, I hate to break it to you, but the 5 man crew already in place at the golf course is far more productive and of a much more refined cut than the gathering place of nepotism and mayorial favors, economic development bunch.
Unlike the folks at economic development the golf course guys produce everyday, 7 days a week.

The Lovely Jennifer said...

Rafiki - I'm sorry, but I don't think Godfrey falls under the category "standard Republican policy" - whatever that means. I believe the only standards Godfrey has are his own, and they are secret and constantly changing.


Morris said...

Godfrey is a horrible little man. Those who voted for him in 2007, after an eight year trail of lies, incompetence and general dishonorable conduct should be ashamed of themselves.

monotreme said...


Not to mention the newspapers that endorsed him.

Anonymous said...

A sizable number of astute, well meaning, and thoughtful citizens voted for him, and would again.

CHOP SHOP said...

RJ sheep follow....i hope your not one !!! we need to oust the envision ogden bullshit boys. remember matty no way the jackass center will fail no way ! the river project.....cant fail look at san antonio........ppl think my god we are messing with our back yard that is one of the most beutiful sites in the world ! we are spoiled cause we see it every day but if these (envision ogden) c smokers have there way its all condos for rent.....aka jackass center apts.

Curmudgeon said...

RJS's point is a good one. Mayor Godfrey is the duly elected Mayor of Ogden, put there by the voters. All the ranting and chest thumping here about "lying little Matty" and endless predictions that he was toast, finished, had no chance, turned out to be wrong.

However, he won re-election by the skin of his teeth, and he was forced to [at least temporarily] take sale of Mt. Ogden Park to his real estate developer cronies off the table in order to secure that re-election. And occurrences since then have, I think, strengthened doubts, or raised them for the first time for some, about the soundness of his judgment such that he would find re-election today more difficult. [Worth keeping in mind, though, that he does not have to run again for three more years.]

So, what to do? Seems to me, we need to keep pointing out [in ways that will not automatically turn off voters who tilted to Godfrey last time round] the weakness of his judgment, his continued ham-fisted management of the city's affairs, his continued weak grip on the standards of ethical conduct we ought to insist on in all elected officials --- particularly with respect to open government and disclosure.

This will not be achieved by screaming rants. If I were a voter who went with Godfrey last time for whatever reason [greater experience, didn't know much about his opponent, the "vision" thing, etc.] but was now starting to have some doubts as the River Project implodes, and tying the city's future to Mr. Lesham's sinking fortunes looks increasingly like a bad idea, and payments for The Junction bonds continue to bleed money from a strapped city budget, and someone suggested I check out WCF for "what's really happening in Ogden," and the first few times I came here I found rants about "lying little matty" being "a horrible man" and "a little shit" and telling me I was an "ignorant sheep" who should be "ashamed" of my vote last time, I doubt I'd be back.

There's a very good case to be made, and getting better every week, that Mayor Godfrey does not understand the principles of effective public administration, and that his judgment --- particularly his business judgment --- is not good. We need to keep on making that case, but in ways that will resonate with and make sense to voters who pondered how to vote last time, but who went with Godfrey in the end. Those are the ones we need to win over. Choler and raving didn't do the job last time. Won't next time either.

RJS's post has much to recommend it and is worth some serious pondering.

[End of sermonette.]

Gentile Prophet said...

Every thing Mayor Godfrey has done will be covered over by the new Governor. Herbert, besides chosing not to follow the laws of Utah by allowing his political cronies to file amended campaign finance donations well after an election, is by profession a Utah Realtor.

The takeover of the State by the Utah Realtor Association is nearing completion and will be complete when he appoints Senator Niederhauser as his heir apparent in the Lt. Governor's office. Either him (also a Realtor/Developer) or another Realtor/Developer cronie.

Watch for it and sit back and watch the real estate friendly legislation fly through without any checks and balances in favor of the private property rights of residentail owners...the little folks.

The Realtor Association is dancing in the streets and the Powderville's of Utah will seem like a fly speck. And if you think the newly appointed "office clerk" in the Weber County Attorney's Office will make a difference...well I'm guessing he will be a major toothless dog and a wimp.

democrat said...


Godfrey didn't win the election.

He cheated just like George Bush did!!!

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