Tuesday, February 01, 2011

KSL News: Ogden Company Wins Innovation Award

Seems as though you just can't keep a good Geiger down!

Submitted by: Ozboy

I just saw this interesting article on the KSL site about our good friends the Geigers. Seems as though you just can't keep a good Geiger down! They won best of show for their "Geigerrig" hydration system at the big outdoor show in SLC!

See it here:
Way to go home boys - congratulations!


Curmudgeon said...


Good on 'em. Always nice to see home town guys make good. I'll be delighted if their business booms and lands more jobs [and business tax revenues] for O Town.

chesty puller said...

Not that it matters much, but I distinctly remember hearing that the idea for the Geigerrig was conceived by a local guy submitting it to one of the city's business competitions. The elder Geiger thought it a great idea and wanted "his company" Descente to put some money behind it. After he and junior were liberated of their responsibilities, they hooked up with the brains behind it and named it after themselves.

I don't believe it had anything to do with young G and his marines in the field. How much time does a USMC public relations officer spend humpin' it in the trenches anyway?

Bob Geiger stretching the truth to pump up his ego? Nah, could never happen. He's walking, talking ad copy. Better entertainment than neon skee ball and water weenies.

beaver said...


While I appreciate your sentiment and dedication to moderation, I have a hard time rooting for the success of people who spit in the faces of old ladies, threaten people's livelihoods, and conspire to deny others the right to vote. All because they have a differing political opinion.

Must just be a character flaw of mine.

Curmudgeon said...


Two of the three things you mention I'm not familiar with in re: the Geigers [spitting on old ladies; conspiring to deny people the right to vote]. The other matter I am, and it was reprehensible conduct I think.

Still, that was in the past. I see no benefit to Ogden in their new business not succeeding, and some benefit to Ogden if it does succeed. Hence my comment. Doesn't mean I approve of their sad excesses in the Gondola Wars. I do have some hope they've learned something from the experience and, if they become engaged in promoting Hizzonah's latest obsession [the Godfrey Wonder Dome], they'll behave decently.

But then, I'm a liberal. I think people are capable of change in light of experience. We'll have to see. Though I'll grant you that if someone tried to get me fired because I opposed a politician they supported, I'd probably not be as forgiving.

Frank said...

I'm wondering about the implications in the article that Geiger Jr. was a combat veteran who designed this device from said combat experience. It was my impression from all the press he got in the gondola wars that he was a peace time veteran serving between the gulf war and the one in Iraq. In either event I salute him for serving.

Also "Beaver" left out Geiger Jr's penchant for head butting people that he disagrees with. Hopefully he has grown out of that nasty little habit!

I agree with Oz and Curm on their congratulations to the Geigers for winning this award.

blackrulon said...

Who could have imagined that there was money to be made removing(and rerpairing?) campaign signs.

Disgusted said...

Have to go along with Beaver on this. Besides most likely they will only have the management reside in Ogden & product manufactured in China.

driveby poster said...

Another tribute to the greatness of America!

Even low life scumbags like the Geigers can suck off the American Dream...

Danny said...

Did I miss the part of this whole thing that said that the Geigers are making any money off this?

It looks like hype. How hard is hype?

They won the 2011 In-New-Vation Award for best new product at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market.

Anybody ever heard of any of that? It sounds like nuthin won a nuthin award from nuthin.

What is the significance? Uh, nuthin.

BLAKE said...

You assholes should be ashamed of yourselves for your Geiger worship. I can't believe Rudi let this post go up.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify, because I think it's important, Bob Geiger never served a day in combat. He was, however, an Infantry Officer by MOS, not a Public Relations Officer as previously stated.

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