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Standard-Examiner Letter: We've Had Enough Optimism from Mayor Godfrey

Gotta admit we're feeling some sympathy for poor ole Boss Godfrey, who's been manically mired in a bog of ill-founded optimism since almost the first day he took office

We're delighted this morning to highlight the latest written discourse from Ogden City community activist and WCF regular Dan Schroeder, which popped up in the form of a letter to the editor on the Standard-Examiner website yesterday afternoon. In response to Sunday's SE story, wherein Boss Godfrey expressed his "undying optimism" for the prospects of his mortally wounded Crackpot Fieldhouse Project, Dr. Schroeder now reels off a little recent history, applies ample doses of logic and common sense, and efficiently delivers the following laudable and well-reasoned retort:
Gotta admit we're feeling some sympathy for poor ole Boss Godfrey, who's been manically mired in a bog of ill-founded optimism since almost the first day he took office over a decade ago. It must be disconcerting for the "visionary" little guy to have such a constant, reality-based burr under his saddle as the logically relentless Dan Schroeder. Perhaps he'll feel better though after this year's November Municipal Election, when the well-informed Ogden City lumpencitizens will no doubt firmly and finally "let him go."

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Dan S. said...

Of course, the letter is based on this WCF blog article from August 25, 2009:

Vision Meets Reality

There you'll find full documentation, and even more examples.

two pennies said...

My Two Cents......Go AWAY ASAP

Curmudgeon said...

Good evidence of what should have been obvious to anyone who took the time to look [and especially to the business community of Ogden, and the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce]: The Mayor's business judgement is poor, and has been very costly to the taxpayers and residents of Ogden City. And continues to be.

A businessman who displayed the same poor business judgment over such a long time wouldn't be in business long, I think.


There was at least one project missing from the list, the FNURE and Envision Ogden "fund raising" scam. I guess this won't be included because it was an attempt at "buying people or votes" instead of land or buildings which would enable more of these great financial projects to be supported by the city council. Also, there was a measure of success since Blain Johnson did win election using a fair amount of possibly illegally attained funds provided by these questionable organizations.

ozboy said...

I have maintained from the first day of this blog, and to the Standard in several letters before that -

Matt Godfrey and his circle of incompetents are a pack of wild eyed losers.

They are dishonest to the core.

They are terribly incompetent in practically every business decision they make.

They squander huge amounts of public money on one losing scheme after another.

With their dismal record they couldn't do a deal in the private sector and are only able to do so with public money that they lie about to get.

They routinely deal out large contracts and public property to their cronies through non-bid and behind closed door maneuvers.

and finally - not one of them, especially the mayor would make a pimple on the ass of the average "C" store mid level manager.

They are losers and liars and a blight on Ogden and that is my opinion based on long time and careful observations.

Moroni McConkie said...

Ozboy: Those are the perks of public office in Utah when you are to the mantle [of the Priesthood] born!

Danny said...

What is stunning is that all can see how incompetent Godfrey is, and yet how he, with access to public money, can still spend like a billionaire.

Government is about putting the incompetent in charge of power and money. Anyone should be able to see why that is a bad idea.

Minimizing government is the only way to create real prosperity and liberty. Yet few ever realize that, even though it should be obvious to anyone.

BIG G said...

I guess you would prefer to have a Mayor that is a pessimist and has no drive and compassion for Ogden. I have had a business in Ogden for over 20 years and it was shortly after 1993 when Dan came to Ogden. He didn't witness the exodus of business from downtown and the closing of the Ogden City Mall. It was only with the change of Mayor that things started to improve. Dan would have you believe that every project the didn't happen that the Mayor proposed was his fault and blames him. Consider the things that have happened. There is a great set of businesses where the mall was. The LDS church has invested millions of dollars to downtown with millions more to come. Layy Miller's Megaplex has been his top grossing theatre in the state since opening. IRS buildings have been built downtown with more coming. BDO is very successful and is collecting millions in tax revenue that wasn't happening before the current Mayor. Walmart will open this spring bringing millions in taxes to Ogden. This should have happened 4 years ago except for the short sightedness of a few residences. 25th street is doing great, Union Station is doing good without city subsidizing. Marshal White center is better and on the way to becoming self sufficient.

Numerous companies have come to Ogden because of the Mayor's concept of an outdoor recreation city. We have had more national/international recognition and press in the last 4 years than Ogden has ever received.

Think of Exterra, Dew Tour, Ogden Marathon, National Archery tournaments, not to mention all the companies that have relocated to Ogden and provide jobs in our area. The river project will happen over time, have you seen the river improvements?

The Mayor had no control of the recession, but has worked tirelessly since to keep Ogden developing.

The Fieldhouse is an idea, nothing has been decided, let's get the facts first.

The hotel is coming, parking has changed. If the Hilton doesn't materialize, the administration will find someone else. These things take time and change along the way.

If you don't have any shin in the game it is easy to critisize. Why don't you complainers open a business in Ogden, provide some jobs, help don't hurt.

Most of us that own businesses in Ogden live outside the city, but are committed to the success of the city. It is far better than 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Everything you mention is simply throwing 100's of millions of tax dollars at a problem, when half that much would have accomplished the same thing.
Creating oodles of public debt, siphoning off other funds for your boondoggles, and claiming that IRS buildings (tax dollars supporting tax collection), is not good public policy.

It is not an either or, as you would claim in your wild eyed enthusiasm for tax and spend.

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