Friday, February 25, 2011

Standard-Examiner: Ogden Ranked Sixth in the Nation for "Most Extreme" Sports

For our own part, and for the time being at least, we'll stick to our guns and decline buying into this whole Ogden "death wish sports" meme

The Standard is johnny-on-the-spot this morning with a followup to Wednesday's Weber County Forun story, having however "sanitized" the story slightly, substituting the words "most extreme" for the original "death defying" terminology and peppering the story with "high adventure" quotes from Gold Gym's Gary Nielson and the ever-"excited" Little Lord on Nine hisself:
For our own part however we'll stick to our guns and decline buying into this whole Ogden "death wish sports" meme, until and unless we start seeing nutjobs like this launching off Mt. Ogden and Ben Lomond Peaks on a fairly regular basis:
Hope you all enjoyed our "wing suit" video reprise, folks! (As many of our regular readers have possibly guessed, your blogmeister is predisposed to re-link this awesome video upon even the slightest "drop of a hat.")


Keisha said...

Awesome video indeed, Rudi.


How can we persuade Boss Godfrey to get "fitted up" with a wingsuit?


You omitted one important question, Keisha. Once "outfitted" in his custom made "wingsuit," who, pray tell, will push the little bastard off the cliff?


BIG G said...

You people are so anti Mayor Godfrey that you won't even acknowledge the good things that are happening in Ogden. The mayor didn't give Ogden the #6 ranking. A national magazine recognized Ogden with a very nice honor. I personally know a skydiver that makes regular jumps off Ogden peak and lands in Ogden. You need to become more aware of what is happening. Ogden Skydive has run a very sussessfull business at the Ogden airport for several years. Ifly at the Junction reinforces the ability to attract jumpers for all over the country to come to Ogden. A ntional champion skydive team comes from Ogden and trains at Ifly. Give credit where credit is do, enough of all the negative bashing.

Anonymous said...

Big G?

Pics, or that didnt happen.

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