Wednesday, February 09, 2011

More Useful Info On The Proposed Downtown Ogden Fieldhouse/ Velodrome

By: Dorrene Jeske

This is the report on an in-depth study of the plans for the downtown Fieldhouse/ Velodrome and a plan to make it into one that is world-class by civil engineering standards. Because of the length, it is being divided into two parts:
I was asked to put this report on the blog for Stephen Smith, who has significant engineering experience with public projects both in Utah and across the USA. I am happy to do it because I agree with many of the issues and questions that are presented in it.

In Godfrey’s haste to push the downtown plan, major issues/concerns have been overlooked. Please look at the report on the Business Plan and then contact our Weber County Commissioners to register your own concerns immedately.


Bee in my Bonnet said...

“How are these schools’ various swimming teams to be scheduled for training and school events along with the events of the Olympic pool? The schools will need to consider the additional funds needed for busing students to the Fieldhouse."

Where are the additional funds going to come from when they [the Ogden school district] are already GIVING UP FUNDING in order to finance these crap-shoots?!?!? ... a-la TAX INCREMENT FUNDING


"No allowance for a heating and cooling plant, which is a necessity, was considered in the proposed plan. This will need to be a sizeable facility of which there is no place to accommodate one in the proposed condensed area downtown."

Now, that's just HILARIOUS!!!!


"One benefit of locating the fieldhouse downtown could be that the local downtown businesses would experience increased “walk-in” business."

What ... from dripping wet water park customers?


"Locating the swimming pool and water park next to the velodrome creates a big and costly maintenance problems with velodrome’s tracks due to critical amounts of moisture seeping through to the specially constructed wood slat foot and bicycle racing tracks. Warping of the wood is quite possible."

Can you say "Remember the Wave-doggle" incident of poor construction at the Solomon Ctr - requiring costly repairs because of the WATER?!?!?


"The fieldhouse facility will require a large heating and cooling facility that could be located on east side of Pacific Avenue south of 21st Street in the location of a number of abandoned buildings and rundown residences and businesses."

But ... what about the RIVER PROJECT(S)?!?!?


yay Mr. Smith!!

I love it, now can you send a copy of this to RAMP committee?

ozboy said...

Interesting information Dorrene, thanks.

Besides being a civil engineer, who is Stephen Smith and why did he do this? Did some one commission him to do this and does he have a dog in the fight somewhere?

TweetReader said...

The Standard-Examiner is tweeting the RAMP board meeting:

gag me said...

Pure Pureheart:

"John Patterson, Ogden CAO, says RAMP board needs to show faith in field house and give 6 months to meet requirements"

confused said...

Why do Godfrey and Patterson get to plead their case before the RAMP board? Do all the other applicants get to do this too?

Bill C. said...

Boy, is this cart miles ahead of the horse. I can't believe how this guy gets away with this. So many conversations have been skipped by this false haste he manages to create.
Do the people of Ogden even want this type of thing? Are they comfortable with the burden of ponying up all their future recreation dollars on this one spin of the wheel? How many diverse activities built for public use could $40 plus million buy? These are just a few things that the City folks should resolve before even approaching the County.
This is the perfect time to put on the breaks and take the time to allow a thorough discussion of all the particulars.
I can't believe that any responsible public official would even allow this to have progressed this far based on the available facts and particulars.
Didn't this spring from a concern about providing a small staging area for vendors of the convention center, a bar in the Berthana and an overhead enclosed walkway accross Kiesel ave.?

TweetReader said...

Another great tweet:

"Jeanne Hall, wife of wealthy buisnessman Alan Hall, said her husband says if field house is viable y arnt business finacially supporting it?"

Danny said...

Hopefully responsible decision makers will see this Field House for the frighteningly risky and very ill-conceived fiscal hole that it is.

I suspect the primary support for the Field House among a few RAMP committee members is based on a desire not to embarrass Godfrey and Patterson with a "no".

But they should know -- as far as those two being embarrassed -- that ship sailed long ago and never returned to port since.

I am increasingly coming to the conclusion that Godfrey and Patterson have energy, but that's about it. Indeed, I am beginning to believe that both of them are in fact, quite stupid.

Bob Becker said...

Good on the SE for tweeting the meeting, reporting comments, however abbreviated by Twitter format. Interesting stuff.

If the tweets accurately reflect tone of questions and board member comments, it looks like the board has learned from its prior dealings with Hizzonah and his Rosy Scenario Development team. But let's remember of the Godfrey team, their hearts are pure. They've told us so.

ND said...

so what is up with the nickname "pureheart patterson"? did he actually say that?

Bob Becker said...


Yes, he did. A couple of years ago, at a Council work session, I believe, discussing some Administration plan or another. He said "our hearts are pure on this." I thought it way too good to let go and began referring to him here as "Pureheart Patterson."

Bob Becker said...

SL Trib just posted a story on the RAMP committee meeting that the SE tweeted earlier. Link here.

Bob Becker said...

And for all you night owls and insomniacs, the SE has a story up on the RAMP board meeting as well. Link here.

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